Quarantine 15? Cryotherapy and CBD Combine to Create a Powerful TIDL Wave Back to Fitness

Noble Horvath

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Among the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon many is the lack of access to the normal exercise routines that were once regular. The adjustment to the home gym has gone well for some, but for others the sedentary lifestyle was inevitable. Presently, however, awareness around health and wellness is at an all-time high for many reasons. TIDL, a fitness forward brand created by The Anthos Group, has timed its launch perfectly to assist those looking to get back on their fitness journey.

With an expertise in cannabinoid science and CBD, TIDL combines plant-based therapy with exercise science mechanisms known to aid in recovery, such as cryotherapy. “It is not just a CBD product, and it is not a pain

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Unisoft Infotech Chooses Comodo’s Dragon Platform with Auto Containment Technology

Noble Horvath

Comodo and Unisoft Infotech today announced their strategic partnership. Unisoft Infotech, a Singapore-based IT consulting firm added Comodo’s security solutions to its offering.

“We chose Comodo, because of its auto-containment technology,” said Thenappan Vellachami, Founder and Director, Unisoft Infotech. He continued, “We needed 100% security from viruses and malware threats, so we decided to upgrade from a mere antivirus to endpoint protection. When evaluating products, we compared Symantec’s Endpoint Protection to Comodo’s, and the latter had better features. Comodo’s Dragon with AEP and auto-containment detects and responds in a way that users need not worry about any incoming virus threats; they can continue to concentrate on business enhancement.”

Unisoft Infotechchose Comodo’s Dragon platform with Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP), which is a complete cloud-native framework that delivers a zero-trust architecture to protect and defend endpoints. Its patent-pending auto containment technology has active breach protection that neutralizes ransomware, malware and cyber-attacks. The

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Computer breach at OSU exposes personal info of 1,700 students and faculty

Noble Horvath

Personal information of some Oregon State University students and faculty members may have been compromised during a computer security breach this summer.

A hacker accessed a computer server for the university’s Ecampus online education program, gaining access to records containing the names and OSU email addresses of about 1,700 students and faculty, the university announced on Thursday.

In the case of some of those individuals, the hacker also gained access to their personal mailing addresses and phone numbers.

No Social Security numbers or financial data were exposed in the incident, according to university officials.

“We discovered the security incident on July 27, undertook an investigation of the breach and contacted state and federal authorities, including the FBI,” OSU spokesman Steve Clark said.

The hacker has not yet been identified, but the FBI is pursuing a criminal investigation into the matter, Clark added.

In the meantime, OSU has taken steps to

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Telling people to delete Facebook won’t fix the internet

Noble Horvath

Is your teenage son falling in with a bad crowd? Does your tween daughter have low self-esteem and serious impulse-control problems? Are your family dinners brief and poorly attended? If this sounds familiar, your household may be a victim of… social media.

We’ve seen years of escalating (and reasonable) fears that Facebook, YouTube, and other big social networks are bad for their users. The Social Dilemma, a docu-drama that debuts on Netflix next week, is meant as a vivid cautionary tale. It’s actually something a bit weirder: a primer on manipulative interface design in the form of an earnest after-school special or a feature-length anti-drug PSA. Directed by Jeff Orlowski, The Social Dilemma is an enjoyably lucid explanation of how sites keep users scrolling and clicking. But it’s reiterating a familiar and simplistic assessment of how the internet has changed our lives.

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10 Tech Items to Have On-Hand During an Emergency

Noble Horvath

Nobody wants to think about being stuck in an emergency, whether it’s a nasty storm, or health advisory, but it’s better to be prepared before problems arise.

You can’t account for every situation, but we’ve rounded up a handful of tech accessories that you should have on hand in case you’re stuck somewhere for a few days.

Our focus was on making sure you had steady access to power, a light source, and information that can help you stay informed whether you’re on — or offline. Here’s what to keep on-hand at home or to pack in your emergency kit or car.

1. A Battery Pack That Can Charge Your Laptop

Battery packs have become an essential accessory for anyone who wants to keep their phone’s battery from dying, but most of us use small ones, which aren’t very useful if you have to spend a couple of days without

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