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What IF Innovators Forum, a series for students, will begin Sept. 11. The conversation-based sessions will give students a chance to hear from speakers and discover how they can participate in their industry.

Students are full of ideas, and a new innovation series will create conversations and connections to get them engaged.

The weekly conversation-based series, What IF – Innovators Forum, will feature a speaker to talk with students about their experiences and projects.

Karen Kerns, entrepreneur in residence at Iowa State, created What IF with the help of colleagues. Kerns said each session will be in three parts: sharing innovation journeys, what innovation looks like in certain industries and how young people can participate.

“Education is not the outcome of your college experience,” Kerns said. “It is meaningful contributions, significance, impact.”

A student named Mani helped spark the series idea for Kerns by asking how to

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Asian shares mixed after technology fall leads US stock fall | World

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The latest gyrations on Wall Street followed a wild stretch where the S&P 500 careened from its worst three-day slump since June to its best day in nearly three months.

The selling came as the odds lengthen that Congress will deliver more aid to the economy before November’s elections, support that many investors say is crucial after federal unemployment benefits and other stimulus expired. Partisan disagreements on Capitol Hill have kept Congress at a seeming impasse.

Nicholas Mapa, senior economist at ING, said risk aversion was dominating Asian trading with the technology sector weighing on overall sentiment.

“Investors are struggling to find a catalyst to reverse the recent downtrend with the much-anticipated U.S. fiscal stimulus bill still in limbo,” he said.

Tech stocks accounted for the biggest share of the broad selloff on Wall Street. The sector has been at the center of the market’s swings, hurt by criticism that

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Estimating change the right way: Approaching the post-pandemic world

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Jeff Bezos was on stage at a press event, when a reporter asked him, “Jeff, what do you think is going to change most in the next 10 years?” Jeff replied, “That’s a good question. But a better question is: What’s not going to change in the next 10–20 years?”

As we get consumed in forecasting what is going to change in how we live, how or where we work, and other related predictions—many of which may well turn out to be true—it is equally important to not lose sight of things that may never actually change. For instance, in Human Resources (HR), which concerns itself with how people work, it is important to not get swayed by forecasts of what might be, at the cost of losing sight of what is.

Organisations globally are participating in a century-long experiment of how effectively machines could replace people at work—a transition

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These Accessories Can Charge Multiple Gadgets at the Same Time

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One unintended consequence of using a bunch of gadgets with rechargeable batteries is managing when to plug them into a charger. If you’d like to keep all of your tech alive without clogging your outlets with power adapters, your best option is to get a multi-device charger.

These accessories allow you to charge two or more gadgets simultaneously, and have compact designs that fit well on a desk, kitchen counter, or nightstand. We’ve made sure to pick chargers that can charge all of your gadgets, from smart watches, to totally wireless earbuds, to phones, tablets, and computer. Each of our picks has a standout feature, and is designed to work best with a different set of tech. 

What Are the Multi-Device Chargers?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best multi-device chargers for you; below are the most important ones, which we considered while we were researching this

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