Quantum Energy Partners hires Sebastian T. Gass as Chief Technology Officer

Noble Horvath

HOUSTON, Sept. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Quantum Energy Partners (“Quantum”) today announced that it has named Sebastian T. Gass to serve as its Chief Technology Officer. Gass, who previously served as General Manager, Technology & Strategy at Chevron, will be responsible for leading Quantum’s digital transformation and information technology. He will work closely with Quantum’s executive leadership and technical team to build Quantum’s next-generation digital platform and will also work closely with Quantum’s portfolio companies to build the ecosystem and tools they need to harness the power of cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

Wil VanLoh, Founder & CEO, said, “Innovation and technology have always played an integral part in how Quantum operates. Sebastian understands the power and capabilities of digital technologies in the energy sector and has an outstanding track record of driving business results through their application.  The energy business is being redesigned through the application of artificial

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Justice Dept. to announce charges for Chinese government-linked ‘computer intrusion campaign’

Noble Horvath

The Justice Department plans to announce Wednesday charges involving a “computer intrusion campaign” tied to the Chinese government.

Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich and other officials will take part in a news conference at 11 a.m. ET to make the announcement, a DOJ statement obtained by Reuters said. 

Last month, White House national security adviser Robert O’Brien said that Chinese government-linked hackers have been targeting U.S. election infrastructure before the November election. China has denied claims that it hacked U.S. government agencies.


In July, U.S. security officials tracking Chinese hacking revealed that hackers backed by the Chinese government attempted to steal coronavirus vaccination data from U.S.-based biotech company, Moderna Inc.

China pushed back on this accusation and said, “Such allegations are pure slander.”

The week before, the DOJ indicted two Chinese nationals working for Chinese intelligence agency 

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Slow internet plagues regional artists, as art world moves online during COVID-19 lockdown

Noble Horvath

When COVID-19 altered the known landscape, regional artists found themselves in uncharted territory that required some seriously creative navigating.

Suddenly, every gallery, music venue and dance studio was closed, and every writers’ festival was cancelled or postponed.

Artists of all ilks were unable to collaborate with their peers, network professionally, and — worst of all — reach their audiences.

Like many authors and book illustrators, Victoria-based Shelley Knoll-Miller did most of her professional networking at writers’ festivals and literary conferences.

“When the first lockdown occurred, I had several conferences lined up and book visits lined up as well, and then suddenly, that was just kiboshed,” Ms Knoll-Miller said.

Over the past five months, artists around Australia have partially solved these problems by harnessing the connective powers of the internet, and developing creative ways of making and sharing art.

But many of Victoria’s regional artists — including Ms Knoll-Miller who lives

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Crosley CR704D-PA Review ~ September 2020

Noble Horvath

Locating playback devices to fit the art deco style can be hard to find. You often run into something that’s close, but its modern features can stick out like sore thumbs. For the best record players turntables in this situation, we’ll be considering the Crosley because of its belt-drive turntable, good speakers, and overall value.

Crosley CR704D-PA Review

Why We Like It – Crosley CR704D-PA Review

A 1920s turntable built with modern amenities such as Bluetooth and CD, given great speakers, belt-drive 3-speed turntable, and high-quality audio quality to boot.


  • Belt driven 3-speed turntable
  • Good speakers
  • Comes packaged with Audacity


  • Missing RCA output
  • Lacks a USB port


The sound quality coming through the speakers sounds great, and gets a boost from having full range stereo speakers. It has to have great sounding speakers, given its lack of RCA output. Part of its magic is from the belt-drive turntable, which

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