New OSBI technology could provide new leads, information for cold cases

Noble Horvath

ALTUS, Okla. (TNN) – New OSBI technology could provide answers to many cold cases around the state.

A family learned about this as they visited Kenneth Young's gravesite, a cold case from 2012

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A family learned about this as they visited Kenneth Young’s gravesite, a cold case from 2012

One family still hoping for justice learned their loved one killed in 2012 will be the first case this is used on.

8 years ago, Kenneth Young was shot and killed outside the Dew Drop Inn in Lawton.

His sister said since then, it’s been a war every day for his family.

“We’ve been with each other since birth. That was my best friend. Since he’s been gone, it kind of tore me apart,” said Shaquita Young, Kenneth’s sister.

Lawton Police said at the scene of the shooting in 2012, 25 shell casings were found.

Those casings will be examined through this new OSBI technology.

“OSBI has obtained

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Is Iowa the birthplace of the computer?

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Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds’ spoke on second night of the 2020 Republican National Convention last month, in a prerecorded message praising President Donald Trump for his administration’s aid to Iowa following natural disasters.

Early in her nearly four-minute remarks on Aug. 25, Reynolds said Iowa is “the birthplace of the computer.”

The Fact Checker team opted to check this statement separately from other claims made during Reynolds’ RNC speech. A fact check of her other remarks can be found here.


It is true that the world’s first electronic digital computer was created in Iowa. The Atanasoff-Berry Computer, or the ABC, was built at Iowa State University (then called Iowa State College) from 1937 to 1942 by physics and mathematics professor John Vincent Atanasoff and physics graduate student Clifford Berry.

Graded a A

It was the first time a computer was able to store information on its main memory, the science news website

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PLDT warns of slower internet during maintenance on submarine cables

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PLDT Inc. on Thursday warned customers that they might experience slower internet speeds from Sept. 26 to 30 due to maintenance activities on submarine cables.

The “emergency” maintenance activities will be conducted on the Asia-America Gateway (AAG) submarine cables in the waters of Hong Kong, the mobile operator said in an e-mailed statement.

The telco giant said connectivity will continue during the maintenance period, as it has alternative cable systems.

“PLDT has been investing substantially in expanding and boosting the capacity of existing and new international submarine cable systems, such as the Jupiter Cable and the Asia Direct Cable systems, to provide redundancy to ensure continuous service in situations like this. Such investments are vital because bulk of internet content used by Filipinos comes from overseas,” the company said.

It said measures like “traffic rerouting” and “local catching” have been put in place to minimize the impact

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Google Chromecast Review: A Streaming Device That Gets Better the More It Knows

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All told, I was disappointed. Given how much Google knows about me, I was hoping it would do a better job at predicting what I would like to see. In the top row, labeled “Top picks for you,” Google recommended that I watch “The Wendy Williams Show,” a celebrity talk show, as well as “SportsCenter.” (For the record, both my wife and I don’t watch talk shows, and we’re not sports fans.)

It also recommended I check out “Wonder Park” and “Bigfoot Junior,” both children’s animated movies. (We don’t have children.)

A few of Google’s recommendations were spot on. “Snowpiercer,” a movie from my favorite Korean director, was a top pick. One row of recommendations was devoted to home improvement shows, which makes sense because I’ve been watching dozens of do-it-yourself repair videos to work on my house amid pandemic-induced boredom. Another row presented cooking videos from YouTubers I frequently

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