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With, it’s easy to start building your website using the 14 day free trial. Instead of purchasing a web host without ever seeing the templates, you can access all of the features on without even making a purchase. This is a huge bonus especially if you’re new to web hosting. The interface is super easy to use, and you can browse the various features and templates. 

Another bonus is the level of security you get with Every plan automatically comes with an SSL Certificate, so anyone visiting your website and sharing sensitive data or credit card information is protected. Having an SSL Certificate will also make your website environment more user-friendly. has a variety of plans all at different price points has a variety of plans all at different price points (Image credit:

Plans and pricing

There are five standard web hosting plans on’s website. You can use any of the plans during your

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Developers need holistic computer science learning that includes creative and critical thinking

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Quality programming requires complex intellectual skill sets to best get the job done. Learn some tips from an industry expert on how to establish a true developer mindset.


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Must-read developer content

I’ve worked with developers for years in my capacity as a system administrator and I’ve known some truly unique and brilliant personalities. Frankly, I’ve found myself envious of people working in a discipline often committed to “single tasking” rather than the constant multi-tasking my duties entail, even though the single task may be incredibly complex.

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Learning to write quality code isn’t about doing the same thing all day, and while there are some shortcuts like reusable code samples and code development collaboration on sites like Github, developing the right mindset as a developer goes beyond just typing away on a keyboard or

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Bill Nye is pissed | Engadget

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“When it’s science fair time in your elementary school,” he said, “What does everybody do? They make a volcano, right?” That time-honored tradition is one of the projects you’ll be able to create in the kit, along with some other fun and familiar experiments that Nye will guide your child through with some AR popups if you point your phone at the book. Stick your phone into the VR goggles, and your child can visit a volcano or go to a classroom and science lab in VR with the Science Guy himself. “It’s what you’d expect from a modern virtual reality experience,” he said.

The Bill Nye VR science kit is available on Amazon (and soon on Target) for $60, and it includes equipment like test tubes, a beaker, volcano mold, food coloring as well as a basic VR headset and a book with augmented reality bonus content. 

Nye teamed

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