How to Tighten Up Site Security with VPS Hosting?

Noble Horvath

Site security is one of the biggest concerns for site owners. With increasing competition online, and businesses trying to establish a presence on the internet, web hosting plans play an important role in the site’s success. There are many hosting options available like Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting. Among these, Virtual Private Server or VPS Hosting has evolved as a popular choice since it offers the features of a Dedicated Server at marginal costs. Apart from all the benefits offered by a VPS, account isolation and dedicated resources ensure that your website is highly secure at all times. Today, we are going to share some tips to help you tighten the security of your website on VPS Hosting.

1. Do not use the default login ID and password

A VPS Hosting plan comes with a default login ID and password. It is temporary and web … Read More

Why Should E-commerce Platforms Opt for Cloud Hosting Infrastructure?

Noble Horvath

The number of online buyers in 2021 is expected to rise to over 2.14 billion. So, if you are still not selling online, this huge number may convince you to do so. However, to set up an e-commerce website successfully, there are a few things one should keep in mind. Apart from standard products, user experience is a factor that should be taken seriously. Of the many ways to enhance the user experience, one that matters a lot is the page load speed. Surveys suggest that a page loading time of more than 3 seconds can drive away a vast majority of potential customers. Since an e-commerce website is heavyweight and has its unique requirements, it is important that it is hosted on an advanced infrastructure like Cloud Hosting.

Benefits of using Cloud Hosting for an e-commerce website

Increased scalability: Scalability is considered to be the USP Read More