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Doom Explorer updated, version 1.73:

  • Expanded support for ZDaemon server demos: list of demos, download, playback, added marker to server icon (hotkey “M”, through the browser – “Ctrl-M”)
  • Added scrolling with the mouse wheel in the tables: the entire list without changing the selected row (optional: Options – Tables)

List of changes is here
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Added by: bond |
Date: 2019-08-07

Doom Explorer updated, version 1.70:

  • Added support for Doomsday multiplayer – list of servers, connection to the server, launch servers, etc
    Note: There is a problem with the PWAD names sent by the server – not always correct, especially if the characters ‘_’ or ‘-‘ are present. In this case, you can try to join the server from the Doomsday UI
  • Added support for the ‘-merge’ parameter of the Chocolate doom (Single play)
  • Added hexen player class selection (Single play)
  • Added skill level names for heretic/hexen
  • Added ZDaemon parameters ‘lobby’ and ‘auto_altwads’ (StartServer)

List of changes is here
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Date: 2019-06-21

Doom Explorer updated, version 1.58:

  • Fixed a bug with displaying Zandronum dmflags in Start Server (DmFlags header)
  • Fixed a bug related to the possible modification of folder names in the configuration file
  • Fixed a bug with map selection for DoomsDay
  • Added: double click in the port bar in the Options immediately opens the dialog box to select a file
  • Added memorization of the current wad selection folder
  • Added memorization of the Zandronum testing version folder in Start Server
  • Added copy server parameters to the Start Server settings (key ‘Shift-Ctrl-S’)
  • Added ‘Hide’ button to the WadDownload window

List of changes is here
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Date: 2018-11-09

Doom Explorer updated, version 1.56:

  • Fixed the problem with incorrect installation of loaded wads
  • Fixed the problem with relative paths in StartServer
  • Changed the way of relative-absolute paths switching – now is common (Options – General)

List of changes is here
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Date: 2018-08-01

Doom Explorer updated, version 1.54:

  • Fixed issue with relative paths in WadDownload
  • Fixed issue with WadDownload button hint
  • Fixed a problem with checking / loading ip2c
  • Fixed a problem with a rare hang of server updates on startup

List of changes is here
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Date: 2018-07-16

Doom Explorer updated, version 1.50:

  • Added a new mechanism for wads searching and downloading instead of GetWad – WadDownload
    WadDownload is based on well-developed GetWad search algorithms, but has several advantages:
    • supports ftp, http and https protocols
    • saves (caches) the results, thus accelerating the subsequent search
    • allows to load all wads at the same time, in several ways
    • wad downloads occur in the background and do not interfere with the operation of other components
    • the game can be started automatically (if the download window is open and the corresponding setting is selected), or at the user’s request
    • provides full control over the list of search sites
  • List of changes is here
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Date: 2018-06-27

Doom Explorer updated, version 1.37:

  • added support for new ZDaemon v1.10 features:
    • new gamemode Duel (old deathmatch with 2 players is now denoted as 1-on-1)
    • support new demo format
    • added new dmflags
  • added support for https links in the WadURL server parameter (W shortcut)
  • fixed bug with initial addition of ports
  • fixed bug with start port in StartServer

List of changes is here
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Date: 2018-04-11

Doom Explorer updated, version 1.34:

  • changed dmflags for Zandronum 3.0
  • fixed/added voting parameters for Zandronum 3.0 servers
  • added SplitChat mode: chat window at the bottom of the program window, can be turned on/off by right-clicking on the button ‘Chat’
  • added saving/restoring window position at startup
  • fixed bug with minimal program window sizes
  • added the ability to scroll when leaving controls out of range of visibility
  • improved wads checking when launch game or server (only valid extensions)
  • fixed bug in the list of servers with empty info
  • added automatic saving of the config after changing the list of server configurations and single play
  • added additional filters when selecting the program name (not only .exe)
  • improved program responsiveness in case of network problems

List of changes is here

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Added by: bond |
Date: 2017-09-19

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