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Platinum Gadget
プラチナ・ガジェット PlatinumGadget-DUPO-EN-UR-1E English Platinum Gadget French Gadget Platine

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German Platinfarbener Apparat

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Italian Congegno di Platino

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Korean 플라티나 가제트

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Portuguese Dispositivo de Platina

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Spanish Artilugio Platino

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Japanese プラチナ・ガジェット

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Japanese (rōmaji) Purachina Gajetto Japanese (translated) Platina Gadget Card type Monster Attribute LIGHT LIGHT.svg Types Machine / Link / Effect Link Arrows Bottom-Left LM-BottomLeft, Bottom-Right LM-BottomRight ATK / LINK 1600 / 2 Passcode 40216089 Materials 2 Machine monsters Card effect types
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  • Ignition
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Statuses Unlimited Card descriptions

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2 Link Materials
Requires Type specific Link Materials
Cannot be used as a Link Material
Special Summons from your hand
Special Summons from your Deck
Only once per turn
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