Bad Actors Infiltrated New York’s State Government Computer Network

Officials revealed that malicious actors had succeeded in infiltrating the computer network serving New York’s state government.

According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), officials revealed on April 13 that New York’s Office of Information Technology had discovered the security incident in late-January 2020. Its analysis unveiled that those individuals responsible for the attack had constructed tunnels into some of New York’s servers that the State used for relaying encrypted data. That information ranged from motor vehicle records to payroll information for the 250,000 employees employed in New York’s state agencies and public universities.

In response to the findings discussed above, New York brought in help to determine the extent of the security incident. Richard Azzopardi, senior advisor to NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, revealed that the subsequent investigatory effort uncovered “no evidence that personal data of any New York resident, employee, or any other individuals were compromised or have been

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