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This report provides highly detailed, comprehensive RadarView Profiles of the top 28 cybersecurity service providers along with their assets and experience in combating ever-growing security and privacy threats. It analyzes how the service provider landscape has evolved, not only in terms of categorization but also in the way they are investing in developing talent, enhancing organizational structures, expanding geographic focus, and strengthening their partner network. The service providers are judged on practice maturity, partnership ecosystem, and investments and innovation. (88 pp.)
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Nature of a Pandemic vs. other Natural DisastersPandemics are fundamentally different from the disasters commonly envisioned in disaster recovery and business continuity plans. The most recent threat of the Wuhan coronavirus highlights the fact that most organizations are not prepared for a pandemic scenario. This updated report outlines the specific ways in which pandemics are different from other types of disasters. It suggests three planning scenarios, and it outlines specific actions that IT
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