Gadget synonyms, gadget antonyms –

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Synonyms for gadget

Synonyms for gadget

a small specialized mechanical device

Synonyms for gadget

a device or control that is very useful for a particular job

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Computer synonyms, computer antonyms –

The court found that computer data is covered “property damage” because computer data is significant.
In addition to the risk of catching a virus, a computer is also susceptible to a wide range of other health problems.
In the computer world, worms exhibit similar behavior.
In 1977, Roberts’ marketing director, Dave Bunneil, had a brainchild to stage the First World Altair Computer Conference to draw more attention to the computer.
If you’re not planning to buy a new computer, consider replacing your old processor with this new design.
The district has now established minimum standards for accepting donations, and obtains refurbished units from the Computer Recycling Corp.
The Beaumont Foundation of America donated $18,600 worth of computer equipment to begin the ELDERtech program.
Downstream photodetectors then record light signals in the various paths, which indicate whether the photon went into the computer and what its target location was.
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