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Futurlec, The Electronic Components and Semiconductor Superstore

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Solar Cell

Solar Cells

New sizes of Solar Cells are now available in our Solar Cell section, ideal for robots, battery charging and other solar applications.
Voltage range from 0.5V to large 18V Solar Panels. Perfect for experimentation, projects and electronic equipment. All inexpensively priced, with
prices starting from only $1.20.
arrowGreat Prices on Solar Charge Regulators also, from just $19.90.

Power Relay Mini Board


Mini Boards

We’ve added some exciting new boards to our Bestselling range of Mini Boards. These small compact boards are ideal to enhance your control system or Arduino project.
Add new functions and expand the functionality of your system, with a wide range to boards to choose from including GPS, Real-Time Clocks,
Keypads, RS232, RS422, MT8870 Decoders, SD Cards and many more. These boards start from only $1.90 and can be

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The Computer Recycler – 100% FREE computer, electronic, and appliance recycling in CT.

The Computer Recycler – 100% FREE computer, electronic, and appliance recycling in CT.

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Call for information Monday through Friday 10am – 5pm 

100% Free – No charge for home or business drop off

100% Safe – Data is complete destroyed using industry standard practices

100% Compliant – We are fully compliant with state and federal regulations regarding proper recycling. 

Please call to schedule a convenient drop off day and time. 



Located in the back

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