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Inspector Gadget (film) – Wikiquote

Inspector Gadget is a 1999 Disney film based on the 1983 animated cartoon series of the same name. Security guard John Brown (Matthew Broderick) gets blown appart by billionaire Sanford Scolex (Rupert Everett) and is rebuilt into a crime-fighting machine.

The greatest hero ever assembled.(taglines)

John Brown/Inspector Gadget[edit]

  • I’m not me anymore. I’m a hardware store!
  • Hey, that guy’s speeding. Ten miles per hour in a parking lot, buddy!

Sanford Scolex/Dr. Claw[edit]

  • Sykes, release the remote control robots, now.
  • (to Brenda’s father) Arrivederci, professor. (Kills him)
  • Sniffy, let’s go.
  • Stop the car, Sykes. I want to enjoy this.
  • Why, it’s that annoying security guard from the institute. So, he’s the lucky duck they plucked for the Gadget Program. Heh! Irony bounds.
  • Arrivederci, Gadget! This is not goodbye. I’ll get you next time, Gadget! I’ll get you!


  • Say bye-bye
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How to Stream Inspector Gadget (1999) Right Now

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Based on the popular cartoon of the same name, Inspector Gadget is the live-action feature film that premiered in 1999, starring Matthew Broderick as Inspector Gadget, a security guard who takes on a top-secret project. The movie also features other well-known characters from the TV Show including Dr. Claw (Rupert Everett), Penny (Michelle Trachtenberg), Chief Quimby (Dabney Coleman) and three new characters: Dr. Brenda Bradford (Joely Fisher), Mayor Wilson (Cheri Oteri) and the Gadgetmobile (voiced by D. L. Hughley).

Directed by David Kellogg and written by Kerry Ehrin and Zak Penn from a story by Ehrin and Dana Olsen, Inspector Gadget aims to capture the zany aspects of the original cartoon in a real-life setting, with new contraptions and technology within a dazzling whirlwind of special effects. Premiering on July 23rd, 1999, the film was a box office success, capitalizing on fans of the

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Inspector Gadget (character) | Inspector Gadget Wiki

―Gadget’s most common catchphrase[src]
Don’t worry, Chief! I’m always on duty!
―Gadget’s other catchphrase[src]
He’s the best agent I’ve got!”
“And the only uncle I’ve got!
―Chief Quimby and Penny[src]

Inspector Gadget, is the titular protagonist of the franchise of the same name. He is Penny’s uncle, one of Brain’s owners, and Chief Quimby’s top employee.


Inspector Gadget is creative, heroic, mild-mannered, determined, brave and kindhearted, although he’s also dim-witted, bumbling, gullible, incompetent, clumsy, and clueless. He also has a horrible judge of character and he thinks that the bad guys are his allies and his allies are his enemies.

He loves his niece Penny with all his heart and would do anything to protect her from harm. In fact, whenever he sees Penny in danger, he becomes competent and goes out of his way to rescue her

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Inspector Gadget @ 80s Cartoons




80s Cartoons gifts


Inspector Gadget Cartoon

Title: Inspector Gadget
Country of Origin: France/Canada/USA/Japan/Taiwan
Produced by:
DiC Entertainment / Nelvana
Air Date:
Number of Episodes:
Episode Length:
22 minutes
UK Channel: ?

80s Cartoons retro rating: 4/5
Inspector Gadget Retro Rating: 4/5

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A British inspector who has the ability to command a helicopter to come out of his head or roller skates to come out of his shoes, attempts to stop the evil MAD agents from their evil plans. Luckily for Gadget he has his neice, Penny, aiding him with her computer book and she has her faithful and super intelligent dog Brain.

Inspector Gadget Theme

Inspector Gadget theme:

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Inspector Gadget Lyrics

Inspector Gadget lyrics:

Inspector Gadget!
Inspector Gadget!

Inspector Gadget!
Inspector Gadget!

Go Gadget Go!
Go Gadget Go!


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Inspector Gadget | Disney Movies

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18 Things You Might Not Know About ‘Inspector Gadget’

With a CGI reboot about to hit Netflix, now is a perfect time to think back to Inspector Gadget. The classic cartoon ran original episodes for only three seasons, from 1983 to 1986, but played in syndication throughout the remainder of the decade, and well into the 1990s, and motion pictures were made about the dimwitted cyborg detective, who needed the help of his niece Penny and her dog Brain to defeat Dr. Claw and his M.A.D. henchmen.


Andy Heyward worked on the Hanna-Barbera show Dynomutt, Dog Wonder, which began in 1976 as part of Scooby-Doo/Dynomutt Hour before joining Scooby’s All Star Laff-A-Lympics one year later. The Blue Falcon hero needed the help of his dog sidekick Dynomutt, who was always outfitted with a bunch of contraptions. Heyward remembered the Blue Falcon not being

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Inspector Gadget (1983 TV series)

Inspector Gadget is an animated television show produced by DiC Entertainment, which the titular character serves as the mascot for.

Inspector Gadget[edit]

  • Stop/halt in the name of the law! You’re under arrest!
  • (Reading) ‘This message will self destruct.’
  • Don’t worry, Chief, I’m always on duty.
  • Am I right? Inspector Gadget is always right.
  • This car is acting funny. Ah, of course, the emergency brake is on.
  • Go Go Gadget mini suit! Go Go Gadget mini shoes and mini hat!
  • Wowsers! It’s the top secret Gadget phone. (Talks into hand) Is that you, Chief? You’re where? Right away.
  • An air show? Now why would anybody want to pay to see air?
  • All work and no play makes Gadget a dull boy.
  • (Falling) Go Go Gadget ‘Brella!! (Hand delivers flowers) Go Go Gadget Copter!! (Another useless Gadget) GO GO
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Inspector Gadget | Netflix Official Site

Watch Gadget 2.0: Part 1 / Gadget 2.0: Part 2. Episode 1 of Season 1.

1. Gadget 2.0: Part 1 / Gadget 2.0: Part 2


Dr. Claw returns from the Antarctic, drawing Inspector Gadget out of retirement; Penny and Gadget race to find Dr. Claw’s claw before he does.

Watch Towering Towers / Game Over Man. Episode 2 of Season 1.

2. Towering Towers / Game Over Man


Dr. Claw plots to take over every satellite in the sky; astronauts are vanishing from the Multinational Space Station, and Gadget must find out why.

Watch Rock Out / Strike a Pose. Episode 3 of Season 1.

3. Rock Out / Strike a Pose


Gadget provides security for a pop star whose army of fans proves an attractive target for Dr. Claw; Gadget protects an invention from MAD thieves.

Watch A Better Class of MAD / Cough Due to Claw. Episode 4 of Season 1.

4. A Better Class of MAD / Cough Due to Claw


Gadget, Penny and Brain investigate the disappearance of a movie star; when Gadget catches the flu, Penny and Brain must track down a super villain.

Watch Dog Show Days Are Over / One Bad Apple. Episode 5 of Season 1.

5. Dog Show Days Are Over / One Bad Apple



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