How To Install Desktop Gadgets In Windows 10

When Windows Vista was first introduced to the market, the first thing that people noticed was the gadgets. They were very helpful and provided the help that people needed at that time. For Windows 7, this desktop gadget feature was still available and it provided even more opportunities for people to have some third party gadgets that they can install when they go online.

For the next installment of Windows however namely Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, this desktop gadget feature has been discontinued and a lot of people miss it immensely. The main reason why this feature was discontinued is because of the risks that some of the third party gadgets give to the Windows user.

If you have a Windows 10 powered computer or laptop, you know that you can rely on your live tiles in order to imitate how the gadgets worked before but it

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How to Install Your Computer Name in Ubuntu 20.04

Change hostname Computer name in Ubuntu

Want to change computer name (hostname) in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS? There are a few ways while this one will work in both Ubuntu Server and Desktop with any desktop environment.

1. change Hostname in Ubuntu temporarily:

To change the hostname or computer name temporarily, so it works until next reboot, simply open terminal by either pressing Ctrl+Alt+T on keyboard or searching for ‘terminal’ from system application menu.

When terminal opens, run command:

sudo hostname NEW_NAME_HERE

Type your password, no asterisk feedback, for sudo prompt and hit Enter.

2. change Hostname in Ubuntu permanently:

The universal way to change the hostname is just editing the /etc/hostname configuration file.

1.) Open terminal and run command to edit the file:

sudo gedit /etc/hostname

When the file opens, type new name to replace the original one.

For Ubuntu Server, run sudo nano /etc/hostname instead. And press Ctrl+X, follow by Y, and

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How to Install Desktop Gadgets to Windows 10 Free

Microsoft had introduced their best feature in windows vista, which was gadgets. It was amazing in windows 7 and windows 8. But It has been removed in windows 10. Gadgets are best way to have information about ram, cpu uses and controlling all the basic function at one click from desktop. So here we are to introduce the new hack to have gadgets on windows 10. So that you can enjoy same feature which were in older version of windows. So let’s start with the trick.

Windows 10 review and download free
Windows 10 review and download free


How to Install Desktop Gadgets to Windows 10 Free

There are mainly two methods by which you can add desktop gadgets on windows 10. So let’s start with step by step guide to install gadgets on windows 10.

1. To Install Windows Gadgets In Windows 10

  • Installation is quick and easy—just follow the simple
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