Wix vs WordPress – Which is the Best Website Builder? – 2020

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Wix vs WordPress – Which is the Best Website Builder? – 2020 | Tech.co
Anyone Can Create a Website Have you ever built a website before? Website Builders are Simple, Professional and Affordable

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Wix and WordPress are two of the best ways to build a website. However, on balance, we think that Wix is the better way to build a website, thanks to its greater level of customization and the ease with which you can add extra features to your site. WordPress does have the advantage when it comes to building blogs and journalism websites, but Wix is ultimately a more versatile builder, and has regular deals and discounts to help it compete..

Right out of the gate, Wix is a notably powerful website builder. Using

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One.com website builder review | TechRadar

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With One.com, it’s easy to start building your website using the 14 day free trial. Instead of purchasing a web host without ever seeing the templates, you can access all of the features on One.com without even making a purchase. This is a huge bonus especially if you’re new to web hosting. The interface is super easy to use, and you can browse the various features and templates. 

Another bonus is the level of security you get with One.com. Every plan automatically comes with an SSL Certificate, so anyone visiting your website and sharing sensitive data or credit card information is protected. Having an SSL Certificate will also make your website environment more user-friendly. 

One.com has a variety of plans all at different price points

One.com has a variety of plans all at different price points (Image credit: One.com)

Plans and pricing

There are five standard web hosting plans on One.com’s website. You can use any of the plans during your

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Shopify website builder review | TechRadar

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Shopify is more than just a web host – it also provides advice for starting your own business, access to your own ecommerce store, and the ability to easily sell, market, and manage your own products. You now have more help for setting up your online store and building your brand than ever before.  

Each plan comes with 24/7 customer support and at least two staff members from Shopify who are dedicated to helping you build your website. Whatever questions you have about starting your own business, Shopify has someone willing to help guide you. From logo creation to domain names, there’s lots of possibilities for creating a strong website on Shopify. 

Here's a snapshot of Shopify's plans and pricing

Here’s a snapshot of Shopify’s plans and pricing (Image credit: Shopify)

Plans and pricing 

There are three main plans on Shopify geared to help you start your business. If you want to test the ecommerce hosting plans before

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Ypsi-area residents create website, grassroots organization to encourage civic engagement

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When Ypsilanti resident and community activist Gail Summerhill hears a politician tell constituents, “Register and go vote,” she says it makes her feel like cussing.


“It’s like a knife every time I hear it. All you ever hear is ‘register and go vote,’ but you’re assuming that a person’s life is like yours when you make that statement,” she says. “It’s like saying to someone, ‘Take the keys to my car and go to Kroger and get a loaf of bread and bring it back.’ And you find out it’s a stick shift and you’ve never driven a stick shift.”


Empowering Ypsilanti-area residents with the building blocks of civic education is the goal behind the grassroots organization and website Summerhill and a team of friends created: Ypsi, Can I Share?


The website “is filling a communication gap most people and groups involved in community activism and politics ignore,” says Ypsi,

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San Diego Named Nation’s Top Government Website

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A view of the San Diego skyline from Shelter Island. Photo courtesy Port of San Diego

The city of San Diego won first place nationwide in recognition of its website and intuitive digital experience.

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City officials said the “2020 Government Experience Award” was awarded by the Center for Digital Government, a national research institute that focuses on the best information technology policies and practices in state and local government.

Submissions were judged on eight categories including citizen feedback and experience, accessibility, and innovation.

The award submissions also took into account how government agencies used technology in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to city officials.

“Our state and local government winners this year demonstrated that focusing on the government experience provides a foundation that played a vital role in responding and adapting to the uncertainties and

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Ready to fight climate change? Website launched by Duke undergrads aims to show you how

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DURHAM — Climate change is one of the biggest threats to the plant today, but many people struggle with how they can personally make a difference.

Not anymore.

An international group of GenZ environmentalists — led by Duke undergrad Saad Ibrahim — has launched “You Change Earth,” an interactive site that aims to guide individuals to action.

Funded by Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment and tech founder Paul English, it provides users with personalized guide on how they can devote their time or money to most effectively reduce their carbon footprint.

“The goal of the project was to create a simple answer to the ever prevalent [question]: ‘What can I do about climate change’,” explained Ibrahim.

“There are millions of people out there who care deeply about the climate crisis, but there is no clear path for them to take action. We wanted to put in their hands an

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Asbarez Website Attacked | Asbarez.com

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The Asbarez website is being attacked

Most of you have had limited, sporadic or no access to our website for the better part of the day. We have experienced the same situation on our end, because the Asbarez website was the targeted and attacked in what is known as very aggressive case of DDoS—distributed denial of a service.

A DDoS is a cyber-attack in which the perpetrator seeks to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users by temporarily or indefinitely disrupting services of a host connected to the Internet. This means fake bot attempt to log onto to a website at an accelerated rate and overwhelm its servers.

This particular attack started—slowly—late Wednesday and accelerate on Saturday morning. Our server host was able to mitigate the interruptions and the slowing down fairly quickly where only the administrators were able to notice the disruptions.

However, on Saturday

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Yahoo website builder review | TechRadar

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If you’re looking for an easy to moderate skill website builder built directly for small businesses, then you’re in luck. Yahoo website builder has many unique features designed to create a website that fits your niche. There’s a free plan available that you can use for an unlimited time, and it includes SEO. You can also view all of the templates on the website without having to purchase the web hosting service. This is a great benefit especially if you’re comparing Yahoo website builder to other web hosts available. 

Even if you need more assistance building your site (beyond traditional hosting) you can sign up for website design services. This provides a team of experts who want to create your website for you. You won’t have to waste time on the details and can focus your time on the bigger picture. Whichever needs you have, you’ll find ways to improve

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Huntsville area residents gain civic engagement website

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Long-time friends and Sparkman High School alums have made it their mission to assure Huntsville area residents no longer need to sift through a pile of confusion to understand issues on their local ballots. The millennial quartet of Willie Brazile, William “Skip” Garrett, Edward Grimble, and Matt Reed aspire to achieve this mission and much more with their new civic engagement website, TheConnect256.com.

We caught up with the cross-functional team to talk about their endeavor and how it will help eligible Huntsville Metro voters. This conversation is shown below with the team agreeing to speak as one voice.

What inspired the creation of TheConnect256.com?

We created TheConnect256.com primarily to drive civic engagement among young citizens in Madison County and help anyone who is willing and able to vote get safely to the polls on Election Day.

Following the killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor and the

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Peak Announces Rebranding Plans and Provides Preview of Upcoming Website

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3 “Strong Buy” Stocks That Are Flirting With a Bottom

In the investing game, it’s not only about what you buy; it’s about when you buy it. One of the most common pieces of advice thrown around the Street, “buy low” is touted as a tried-and-true tactic.Sure, the strategy seems simple. Stock prices naturally fluctuate on the basis of several factors like earnings results and the macro environment, amongst others, with investors trying to time the market and determine when stocks have hit a bottom. In practice, however, executing on this strategy is no easy task.On top of this, given the volatility that has ruled the markets over the last few weeks, how are investors supposed to gauge when a name is flirting with a bottom? That’s where the Wall Street pros come in.These expert stock pickers have identified three compelling tickers whose current share prices land close to

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