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22 Weird Websites That Can Cure Your Boredom

The Internet is a weird place. Some of us use it to learn something, some of us use it to be entertained, and some of us use it to watch something. But funny videos will always make you laugh. Jokes will always make you laugh. And when it comes to weird websites, there are more than you can imagine. There are hundreds and thousands of weird websites you can visit and spend some time on.

Just so you get an idea how many websites there are, the estimates in 2012 were that there were more than 600 million websites. If you check 1,000 websites per day, you’ll need more than 1,700 years to visit them all. But just so you don’t get lost in the labyrinth called the Internet, I found some weird websites that will definitely get your attention.


22 Weird Websites That Can Cure Your Boredom

Now, this is one way to cure frustration. When

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This Weird Gadget from Kessler Lets You Power Your Camera Gear with Power Tool Batteries

Got a bunch of DeWalt batteries in your garage? Turn them into batteries for your camera gear with Kessler’s new adapter.

Who doesn’t love a weird gadget? Well, Kessler has come out with one that seems, yes, kind of weird, but also pretty useful.

Meet the Mag Max 3A, a battery adapter that essentially allows you to charge your camera gear with DeWalt 20v Max and 60/20v Flex Volt batteries.

This thing allows you to power pretty much anything you bring to set, including DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, follow focus systems, wireless video transmitter and receivers, motion control systems, audio recorders and mixers, LED lights, monitors, and even your smartphone. (However, if you’re trying to power a Blackmagic Ursa Mini, RED Dragon, or any device that has a 3amp draw or higher, the Mag Max 3A won’t work for you.)

According to Kessler:

The Mag Max 3A was developed to fill

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