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United States historic event

United States historic place

Trinity was the code name of the first detonation of a nuclear device. It was conducted by the United States Army at 5:29 a.m. on July 16, 1945, as part of the Manhattan Project. The test was conducted in the Jornada del Muerto desert about 35 miles (56 km) southeast of Socorro, New Mexico, on what was then the USAAF Alamogordo Bombing and Gunnery Range, now part of White Sands Missile Range. The only structures originally in the vicinity were the McDonald Ranch House and its ancillary buildings, which scientists used as a laboratory for testing bomb components. A base camp was constructed, and there were 425 people present on the weekend of the test.

The code name “Trinity” was assigned by J. Robert Oppenheimer, the director of the Los Alamos Laboratory, inspired by the poetry of John Donne. The test was

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Computer program – Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A computer program is a list of instructions that tell a computer what to do. Everything a computer does is done by using a computer program. A computer program is written in a programming language. Programs stored in the memory of a computer enable the computer to perform tasks in sequence or even intermittently. The idea of an internally stored program was introduced in the late 1940s by the Hungarian-born mathematician John von Neumann. The first digital computer designed with internal programming capacity was the EDVAC (an acronym for Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer), constructed in 1949.

Some examples of computer programs:

A computer program is stored as a file on the computer’s hard drive. When the user runs the program, the file is read by the computer, and the processor reads the data in the file as a list of instructions. Then the computer does what the program tells

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Situs web – Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas

Wikipedia yang termasuk salah satu situs web berupa ensiklopedia daring bebas.

Situs web (bahasa Inggris: website[1]) adalah sekumpulan halaman web yang saling berhubungan yang umumnya berada pada peladen yang sama berisikan kumpulan informasi yang disediakan secara perorangan, kelompok, atau organisasi.[2] Sebuah situs web biasanya ditempatkan setidaknya pada sebuah server web yang dapat diakses melalui jaringan seperti Internet, ataupun jaringan area lokal (LAN) melalui alamat Internet yang dikenali sebagai URL. Gabungan atas semua situs yang dapat diakses publik di Internet disebut pula sebagai World Wide Web atau lebih dikenal dengan singkatan WWW. Meskipun setidaknya halaman beranda situs Internet umumnya dapat diakses publik secara bebas, pada praktiknya tidak semua situs memberikan kebebasan bagi publik untuk mengaksesnya, beberapa situs web mewajibkan pengunjung untuk melakukan pendaftaran sebagai anggota, atau bahkan meminta pembayaran untuk dapat menjadi aggota untuk dapat mengakses isi yang terdapat dalam situs web tersebut,

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Personal computer – Wikipedia

Computer intended for use by an individual person

An artist’s depiction of a 2000s-era desktop-style personal computer, which includes a metal case with the computing components, a display monitor and a keyboard (mouse not shown).

A personal computer (PC) is a multi-purpose computer whose size, capabilities, and price make it feasible for individual use.[1] Personal computers are intended to be operated directly by an end user, rather than by a computer expert or technician. Unlike large costly minicomputers and mainframes, time-sharing by many people at the same time is not used with personal computers.

Institutional or corporate computer owners in the 1960s had to write their own programs to do any useful work with the machines. While personal computer users

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Gadget – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Un gadget es un dispositivo que tiene un propósito y una función específica, generalmente de pequeñas proporciones, práctico y a la vez novedoso. Los gadgets suelen tener un diseño más ingenioso que el de la tecnología corriente.[1]

Se le ha dado el nombre de gadget o widget a una nueva categoría mini aplicaciones, las cuales fueron diseñadas para mejorar servicios, una aplicación, proveer información o cualquier tipo de interacción de un computador; esto se realiza a través del world wide web, por ejemplo una extensión de alguna aplicación de negocios, que nos provea información en tiempo real del estatus del negocio u organización.
Son comúnmente llamados gadgets a los dispositivos electrónicos portátiles como PDAs, móviles, teléfonos inteligentes, reproductores mp3, entre otros. En otras palabras, es una jerga electrónica.[2]

Aunque en español se emplea en círculos tecnológicos por influencia del inglés, y el

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Computer mouse – Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Many mice have two buttons and a scroll wheel.

A computer mouse is an input device that is used with a computer. Moving a mouse along a flat surface can move the cursor to different items on the screen. Items can be moved or selected by pressing the mouse buttons (called clicking).[1] Today’s mice have two buttons, the left button and right button, with a scroll wheel in between the two. Today, many computer mice use wireless technology and have no wire.

There are many types of mouse. Optical mouse, wireless mouse, mechanical mouse, trackball mouse. A computer mouse is a handheld hardware input device that controls a cursor in a GUI and can move and select text, icons, files, and folders. For desktop computers, the mouse is placed on a flat surface such as a mouse pad or a desk and is placed in front of your computer.

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Inspector Gadget (film) – Wikipedia

1999 comedy film produced by Walt Disney Pictures

Inspector Gadget (also known as Inspector Gadget: The Movie and The Real Inspector Gadget in the working title) is a 1999 American science fiction action comedy film directed by David Kellogg and written by Kerry Ehrin and Zak Penn from a story by Ehrin and Dana Olsen. Loosely based on the 1983 animated television series of the same name, the film stars Matthew Broderick as the title character, Rupert Everett as Dr. Claw, Michelle Trachtenberg as Penny and Dabney Coleman as Chief Quimby. Three new characters were introduced such as Dr. Brenda Bradford (played by Joely Fisher), Mayor Wilson (played by Cheri Oteri) and the Gadgetmobile (voiced by D. L. Hughley). The film tells the story of how Inspector Gadget and Dr. Claw came to be. It was filmed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; and Los Angeles, California with the ice

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Interneti – Wikipedia

Pamje e disa rrugëve në një pjesë të Internet-it.

Interneti është sistemi rrjeteve kompjuterike të ndërlidhura që përdorë Suitën e Protokollit të Internetit (TCP/IP) për të lidhur miliarda pajisje në të gjithë botën. Ai është një rrjet i rrjeteve që përbëhet nga miliona rrjete private, publike, akademike, biznese, dhe qeveritare, me fushëveprim lokal deri në global, të lidhura nga një koleksion i gjerë elektronik, wireless, dhe teknologjitë e rrjeteve optike.Interneti mbart një gamë të gjerë të burimeve të informacionit dhe shërbimeve, të tilla si dokumentet e ndërlidhura hypertext dhe aplikacionet e World Wide Web (WWW), posta elektronike, telephony, dhe rrjetet peer-to-peer për file sharing.

Origjina e internetit daton herët në hulumtimin e autorizuar nga qeveria federale e Shteteve të Bashkuara në vitet 1960 për të ndërtuar rrjete kompjuterike të fuqishme për komunikim me tolerancë të defekteve[a].[1] Paraardhësi kryesor i rrjetit, ARPANET, fillimisht ka shërbyer si një

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Gadget – Wikipedia

Un gadget (sau un obiect gadget), cuvânt împrumutat din engleză, este un obiect tehnologic mic cum ar fi un dispozitiv sau aparat, care îndeplinește o anumită funcție, fiind de obicei o noutate. Gadgeturi sunt întotdeauna concepute mai neobișnuit sau mai ingenios decât alte obiecte tehnologice la momentul invenției lor. În engleză gadgeturile se mai numesc și „gizmo”.

Gadgetul e o categorie de obiecte, nu un concept sau un produs anume. Și unele aplicații software mai simple sunt numite tot gadgeturi (sau în engleză și widget).

Termenul a fost folosit pentru prima oară în literatură în anii 1800. Era folosit pentru a indica un dispozitiv mai aparte, pentru care nu exista o denumire standard. Sursa citată de Dicționarul Limbii Engleze este cartea

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Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A Wikipedia gadget is a JavaScript user script that can be enabled simply by checking an option in your Wikipedia settings. Installed gadgets are also listed on Special:Gadgets.

Installed gadgets[change source]

Here is a list of some of the gadgets that are installed on Simple English Wikipedia.

Browsing[change source]

Gadgets in this group make browsing Wikipedia easier.

Interface[change source]

Gadgets in this group are used to change the way Wikipedia looks. They usually add links, tabs, or boxes which add new functions to the pages.

  • Disable access keys – Disable browser access keys on Wikipedia pages
  • New page box – Adds a box to the left column, which shows the ten newest pages and updates every five seconds (using AJAX).
  • New changes box – Add a box to the left column, which shows the ten newest changes and updates every five
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