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“Tourbus is a valuable tool to learn about Internet resources. The lessons are short, varied, and can be done at one’s leisure.” — Mary W., Portland, Maine

The Internet Tourbus — Home

The TOURBUS newsletter is no longer being published.

For more helpful information about computers and the Internet,
please visit Ask Bob Rankin,
which continues in the spirit of TOURBUS.

This website will remain for posterity, and you may also view the Archives.

Get the scoop on computer viruses, search engines, spam, cookies, urban legends
and the most useful sites on the Web.
Internet guru Bob Rankin
explains computer and Internet technology in plain English, with a dash of humor.

Bob Rankin


Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of the Web, master the search engines,
debunk urban legends, and more.
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Thoughts on striking a balance…

“Most people don’t pay attention to the calm voice of reason unless it’s juxtaposed by screaming idiots on either side of the fence.”

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