1. What is media technology?

Table of Contents What is media ?What is media Technology?What is media technology as an academic discipline? What is media ?   First of all what is word definition for media?     Media is the plural of medium (middle, center, intermediary). So Media is an intermediary in order to transport information used […]

What is media ?


First of all what is word definition for media?

    Media is the plural of medium (middle, center, intermediary).

So Media is an
intermediary in order to transport information used to communicate (like the
press, radio, television). Medias let to disseminate information to a large
number of people without customization of the message. That is why we speak
also of mass media. However, the term is used in more general senses, to
designate the means of communication such as language, writing or music. 

What is media Technology?


That’s Technology and methods that support
human communication over distances in time and space.


painting and arts, it uses the medium term to describe a technique used (example:
watercolor is a medium).

In Audio, video and computer, media support is
physically stored content (in the case of a single file) or transferred content
(in the case of a message), music, film, photos  or more generally of data.

Other today various media:


TV broadcasting video montages commented,




Now that’s
we have some example of what can be today media technologies, we can look to
what will be the next media technologies. Here is some video and link in order
you get in touch with these new media technologies:

  • Mobile
    media services :
    Mobile is
    going to be the new mass media by definition.


Want to know more :


  • ePaper :  will certainly replace the traditional newspaper
    in the future

            Want to know more :


  • Wearables :
    your tomorrows clothes

Want to know more :


  • Tangible Interfaces : new way to use your desk, read,

        Want to know more :



  • I/O Brush : an other way to paint

        Want to know more :


What is media technology
as an academic discipline?

Technology is an engineering science. As in all engineering science, in media
technology one of the biggest challenges is to create cost-effective solutions to
practical problem by applying scientific knowledge to building things in the
service of mankind.

Today Media
technologies are build via electronic and computer systems but as the
definition said it’s a medium that’s why working in media technology can make
you learn a lot about other discipline as :

  • Physics (mechanics, optics)
  •  Chemistry
  • Paper technology, materials
  • Electronics, telecommunications
  • Mathematics
  • Computer science, human-machine
  • Psychology, cognition science,
    perception psychology
  • Communication science
  • Sociology
  • Economics, business development, law
  • Esthetics and design

So to sum up, media technologiy is maybe not a discipline
on its own but everybody (people, companies…) use it in order to communicate. That’s
why media technology is actually an important engineering field with a lot of new and exciting

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