Boat Rockerz Top-6 Most Selling and Demanding Eaerphones

Hey! Guys how are you. Music is like salt in our life. The soul of music consists of rhythm, pitch, texture, bass, lyrics, timbre, and dynamics. We use headphones while listening to music, watching movies, during gyming. So now In this era Headphones are soo essential as like phones and […]

Hey! Guys how are you. Music is like salt in our life. The soul of music consists of rhythm, pitch, texture, bass, lyrics, timbre, and dynamics. We use headphones while listening to music, watching movies, during gyming. So now In this era Headphones are soo essential as like phones and all. So Boat Rockerz earphones got some amazing headphones That too at affordable prices. Here I am representing some Top-6 Boat handsfree in 2020.


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Boat Rockerz Earphones Top-6 Most Selling and Demanding Earphones in 2020


1) boAt Rockerz BassHeads 100 Hawk Inspired Earphones with Mic (Furious Red)

Boat earphones bass wired headset 100 is amazing product to buy If your budget is low but you want all the features in it. So Boat Rockerz got this model of wired headset with that too amazing bass as the title said. It came with the latest technology sleek designing, premium-looking packaging. So now let’s talk about specifications:-

boat rockerz

Super Extra Bass:- It delivers 10 mm of a dynamic driver with the speaker resistance of 16 ohms to powerful and punchy bass sound so that one can feel the music. Sound is so clean, with good stereo separation and an impressive sound stage.

Hawk Inspired design:- The design is so luxurious at this price point. Which makes the whole product more stylish and sturdy. As compared to other headphones they cost you around 500 to 600 but Boat offers you at just 399. The headphones always remain tangle-free in your pocket. It forms a triangle when you keep inside it.

Boat earphones bass heads 100 performance:- This pair of Boat handsfree does a decent job. The sound is quite loud with Good bass We watched a few movies, music, TV shows, and it Has made the whole experience more satisfactory and workable. This is also great for voice calls and performance was quite good.


1:- It gives the overall experience remarkable.
2:- Its hawk design makes the whole look stylish and sturdy
3:- It offers you a comfortable fit so that you can listen to your favorite tracks for like hours.
4:- It features 1.2 mt cables so that you can plug to other devices also. The coating on the wire makes it more stylish and sleek.
5:- This pair is user friendly because it comes with an HD microphone inbuilt in it.that will make your call pickup in a single click of a button.


2) boAt Rockerz BassHeads 152 with HD Sound, in-line mic, Dual Tone Secure Braided Cable & 3.5mm Angled Jack Wired Earphones (Blue)

Boat earphones bass heads made their mark in sturdiness. It provides good sound and comes in a braided cable. It gives you the 3.5mmjack is angled. This makes your connections better and it removes wire tissue from that point so if you are looking headphones under 500 it could be a good option for you. Now I’ll tell you about its specifications:-

boat rockerz

Powerful bass:- It comes with premium audio and 10mm of drivers, that too it comes with crystal clear sound quality to your ears which helps you to enjoy the experience in a better way.

Equipped with 3.5mm angled jack:- It can easily plug into according to your convenience with the 3.5mm angled jack to make you your journey more good.

Hands-free communication:- It comes with an inbuilt microphone which helps you to communicate seamlessly with the inbuilt mic with high sensibility and high frequency which gives you a clear sound.

Braided tangle free cable:- Braided cable provides more durability and high resistance technology. this adds to the more softness feel to the product with tangle resistance effective features.

Stylish designing:- Now let’s talk about its designing Braided tangle free cable made the whole look more luxurious and sturdy and long-lasting facility. It gives your whole vibe more aesthetic.


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3) boAt Rockerz BassHeads 225 in-Ear Super Extra Bass Boat handsfree (Molten Orange)

Boat earphones bass 225 has innovative designing which gives easy adjustments and optical wearing comfort and ensures 10mm of dynamic drivers for sonic clarity which makes the whole vibe of listening music more aesthetic.

boat rockerz

Noise absorber:- This is my favorite feature of boat earphones i.e noise-canceling microphones that enable trouble-free receiving of calls while listening to music.

Crafted with superior quality materials:- rockers always use good quality materials, the polished metals elongates its durability. This is soo lightweight and features user-friendly controls as well as easy functioning.

Comfortable:- This fits soo comfortably in ears and with soft earbuds, providing a smooth grip for an extra secure and gives a comfortable fit to your ears.



4) boAt Rockerz 255 Pro Fast Charging Bluetooth Headset | BoAt Wireless Earphones(Blazing Yellow)

Have you ditched wire headphones? and switch on to the Bluetooth headphones and without taking any tension to handle the wire headphones. Now I m going to review the boat wireless earphones of Boat Rockerz.

boat wireless earphones

Boat Rokerz audio:- Boat rockers 255 is lightweight in designing which pumps out the tunes with powerful high definition sound quality. Deep boasted bass with 20hz to 20khz frequency.

Fast charging:- Rockerz equipped with110mah battery that will surely run throughout the day without taking tension of charging it. It comes with fast charging, it charges in 10 mins and can run up to 45mins soo be free of taking tension of charging headphone.

Wireless functionality:- It comes with Bluetooth connectivity that will surely make your travel more Bluetooth technology will even more profitable and edgy.

Control panel:- It provides a control panel that allows you to engage in pause, play, stop, attend the calls with just a can easily run through Siri, Google Assistant, or Cortana voice-controlled smartphones.


5) boAt Bass Heads 162 with HD Sound, in-line mic, Dual Tone Secure Braided Cable & 3.5 mm Angled Jack Wired Earphones (Red)

Step into your vibe with the vibrant boat earphones bass head 162, play your favorite track and you are ready to rock it, this is best for listening to music, watching movies, your favorite Netflix show. If you are interested to buy it then just click on the buy button.
Now let’s talk about its specification:-

boat earphones

Premium audio if 162:- It provides you the 10mm dynamic drivers just break away from old habits through HD sound and it just simply provides crystal clear sound to your ears it helps you to visualize that what you have listened to.

Super extra bass:- Just rock yourself with super extra bass and rhythm all day long with punchy bass and with fantastic heavy tunes that can easily drown out your stress with the bass of 162.

Equipped with 3.5mm jack:- It can plug into according to your convenience with the 3.5 mm angled jack to rock your journey.

Designing:- Boat earphones is just famous it’s sleek and sturdy designing It comes in variable colors, and variable designs, the braided coating makes the whole appearance more soothing and soft, the metal body indicates the durability.


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6) boAt Bassheads 242 Wired Sports Earphones with HD Sound, 10 mm Dynamic Drivers, IPX 4 Sweat and Water Resistance, Superior Coated Cable & in-Line Mic (Active Black)

Get ready to flaunt your fitness fashion and utility with the Boat Rockers earphones Bass heads 242, its time to get your sport on. It provides ear hooks that are crafted from silicon to maximize comfort level and which comes with a secure fit that allows you to maximize your workouts. It is Coated with IPX 4 sweat and water protection. So now let’s talk about its specification:-

boat earphones

HD Sound quality:- Fly your workouts with aesthetic tones that inspire and energize your system to become the soundtrack for your life.

3.5mm Straight Jack:-  It just needs to be plugged into according to your requirements because the Bassheads 242 is compatible with almost every device that carries a 3.5mm slot.

10mm Dynamic Drivers:- Boat provide punchy audio sound so that 10 mm dynamic drivers that can get loud! Propped up by a banging bass, flow to higher limits without any tensions.

Water Resistant Ear-buds:- Get the soundtrack in and sweat out with IPX 4 Water and Sweat Resistance. It provides this feature at this price point is amazing

Superior coated cable:- this is soo fashionable with a loose freestyle type. cable looks itself soo elegant, stylish, and sturdy when you water it it will give you the luxurious feel. To the whole handsfree.


People Also Ask | FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions


1- Is boAT a good company for earphones?

  • Yes, Boat Rockerz is a verified company. And It has specializations in headphones and earphones.

2- Which Boat earphones and headphones are best?

  • All are good at itself, but according to public reviews Boat bass heads, 225 and model 162 are best.

3- How are boAt Bassheads 225 earphones?

  • They are sturdy, durable, and has a sleek designing it comes with a Braided tangle-free cable.

4- Should I buy Boat Bassheads 225 earphones?

  • yes, surely go for it, you won’t get disappointed?


Friends, I hope that all of you guys would have liked this blog. All these Boat Rockerz earphones we have presented to you are all of high quality and high star ratings. You can buy them without any hesitation. If you liked this article, Thank you very much, Gadget Groot is a mobile phone accessories blog, here you will get to know about all types of mobile gadgets or android gadgets.

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