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Table of Contents Can counseling help?Conversation, not just informationWhy do it online? Can counseling help? Things happen in life that are normal – we all face them… but they are difficult. A big change in your […]

Can counseling help?

Things happen in life

that are normal – we all face them…

but they are difficult.

A big change in your life…
loss of a job, or a home, or an important relationship…
emotions and feelings that seem overwhelming…
challenges of parenting and family life…
troubling relationships…
difficulties at work…

Why would you want to go through it alone?

When these things happen to you,
it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you;
it doesn’t mean you are mentally ill.
These things happen to everybody.

A psychotherapist is trained to help you cope with those things

so you can get through them, and feel better.

Psychotherapists can help you.

And now, some of them can help you on the Internet.

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Conversation, not just information

Millions of people search for mental health information on the Internet, and there is a lot. But now there are also humans there for you: professional therapists who will answer questions, provide psychological advice customized for you, or develop an ongoing relationship to help you explore personal issues.

This site will show you how to connect with live humans…

experts in emotional health,

ready to give you individualized help.

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Why do it online?

Online counseling is not a substitute for traditional psychotherapy. If you can visit a therapist in person, you should. But if you cant visit a therapists office, online counseling can be a helpful and effective alternative.

  • Maybe you dont have access to a therapist nearby.
  • Maybe you are nervous or embarrassed about counseling.

    Many people are.
  • Maybe your schedule is keeping you from getting help in person.
  • Maybe you cant afford to see a counselor in person.

If so, maybe online counseling can be helpful.

Online counseling is not appropriate for everyone. And, as with any new frontier, there are some issues you should consider before trying it. But every day, responsible, competent, ethical mental health professionals are forming effective helping relationships via the Internet – relationships that help and heal.

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