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What is Ditto? Considered one of the best new gadgets for 2016, Ditto Wearable is a tiny, discreet waterproof wearable device that allows you to customize how you stay connected w/out constantly checking your phone. Ditto can be slipped into a jean pocket, clipped on a strap or worn on […]

What is Ditto?

Considered one of the best new gadgets for 2016, Ditto Wearable is a tiny, discreet waterproof wearable device that allows you to customize how you stay connected w/out constantly checking your phone. Ditto can be slipped into a jean pocket, clipped on a strap or worn on a band and is perfect for everyday use.

Ditto allows you to disconnect while enjoying time with friends and family, while still being alerted when calls, messages and other notifications that you find important come through.

Ditto is also integrated with today’s popular ride share apps, alerting  users when their Uber car is arriving. And, it notifies when the phone is in the user’s bag, external pocket, etc. so you don’t miss anything.

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This ‘must-have’ wearable is available for $39.95 online at:
WearDitto.com, Amazon & Target (Select Locations)

Ditto Wearable

Wear Ditto App available on the App Store or Google Play

Ditto is compatible with 60+ Apps including but not limited too popular email servers such as Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook. Notifies you from social sites like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. Pings you when your Uber or Lyft is ready and can even notify you of recent PayPal transactions or alerts! With so many options available, this little gadget helps you disconnect while staying in the know on things that are important to you.

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Find the full list of compatible apps >> HERE <<

Ditto Wearable Device Connection

The first step is to download the app. I found it on the google play store by searching ditto. The first option was “Wear Ditto” by Simple Matters. I clicked that option and chose install. Once fully installed, the option switched to OPEN. Click Open.

Once you open the app, it will offer you a chance to purchase Ditto (for those who don’t have one yet) or to press continue. I pressed continue. At this point, the Wear Ditto app instructs you to install the battery. I had already installed the battery before installing the app.

The battery was already in the battery compartment, it just needed hooked together. It kind of looks like it just snaps in place but not really. You need to sort of place the back section that holds the battery compartment into the main unit side ways. Once in, you sort of twist down into place while lining up the back with the other half of Ditto.

Once your battery is in place correctly, press continue. I did not have my Bluetooth on and the next screen asked permission to turn the Bluetooth on. I clicked yes, to allow.  The Bluetooth was turned on the app started to search for a device.

After about a minute of scanning it finally found the Ditto Wearable device. It popped up with “ditto” and the option at the bottom of the screen said connect. I clicked connect and the screen indicated that it was connected.

Almost immediately I hear a little vibration sound and realized it had paired.

The next screen indicated that the ditto had a newer version of firmware available and did I want to update or skip and update later. I chose to update immediately.

I clicked update and next screen was the update progress screen, it took maybe 30 seconds for the progress to reach 100% At this point a little white pop up box appeared stating “Update Successful” Click “OK” and the pop up disappears. Once the box disappears it takes you back to the update screen.

This time the update screen showed that my current firmware and the latest firmware versions matched, and instructed me to click next. I clicked “Next”

The next screen on the ditto app starts your permissions. At this point Ditto needs your permission to access your notifications to interact with your email and calendar events. You will need to click “Enable Access” I clicked and proceeded.

After I clicked to allow access to my notifications, the notification access on my phone popped up with all apps/programs I have allowed access to. Find ditto in the list and make sure it is on. Mine was off. I had to click it on and then click the back button, which took me back to the Wear Ditto app screen.


Once back to the app, the screen says congratulations, you have successfully configured the set up and your Ditto is ready to use! Again the Ditto device did a little vibration. “Happy Dance”

Simply click done and move on to your personal set up.

Ditto Wearable

Ditto Wearable Apps and Set-Up

One I clicked done, I was taken to the Ditto Wearable options page. Here you will be able to set your personal notifications. The options I saw in my list included: Notifications, Apps, Favorites, Tether/Leash, Alarm, Timer and Vibrate Now.

Notifications: When you touch the notification option it pulls up a new screen. At the very top you can choose to turn notifications as a whole on or off. If this is turned off, you will receive NO notifications. If it is turned on, you can select which notifications you would like to receive.

Apps: Again a new screen opens and lists ALL of the compatible apps. You can turn notifications on for each one individually, as well as choosing your own vibration level or pattern.

Favorites: Allows you to select which contacts you want to be notified of. I immediately selected my children and husband as I don’t ever want to miss a call or text from them. The options pull up all names in your contacts, simply scroll down through and select each contact.

Once you have selected the ones you don’t want to miss, click the back button and it takes you back to the Favorites main screen, except now each of your selected contacts are listed below.

Beside each contact name it will say “Default” This refers to the vibration level again. Click default and either keep it where it is or select a custom option.

To delete a contact from your favorites, hold and swipe left. A box will pop up asking do you want to delete contact name from favorites. You either click “Cancel” or Delete”

Tether/Leash: The tether option allows you to set the Ditto to vibrate if it separates from your phone, you can also set your phone to vibrate if it separates from Ditto.

You also have to options to set a delay on the tether notification, to allow yourself 30 seconds, a minute, 2 minutes or even up to 4 minutes if you don’t want to be notified of every little disconnect.

Reason you may need a delay, would be for example you wear your ditto at work, need a restroom break, but its out of range, you don’t want to have to take Ditto off or grab your phone, or shut off notifications first, you just wanna go pee and move on with your day.

However, if your wearing it at a restaurant, amusement park, the beach or other public or high traffic area, you may want to set it to immediate or 30 seconds, you can get pretty far in a minute, if its not a quick trip or return trip.

“The tether’s distance is determined by the wearer’s environment. In most cases, a user would be notified around 100 feet out from their device. This means users have flexibility in moving around their office, gym or home without having to have their phones on them to stay connected.”

Alarm: This is a great option for sound sleepers. Those who can sleep through 10 alarms. Ditto will vibrate in 2 minute intervals for 10 minutes straight or until you turn it off.

Timer: You can set a timer to display a message to you in 24hr intervals. Sort of. The max time is 23 hrs and 59 min. You can simply set the timer and back out of the screen and your Ditto will notify you when the time is up, OR you can set a time and add a personal message. Ditto will notify you and also display the message on your connected device, such as smartphone or tablet.

Vibrate Now: Simply press “TEST” and your device should start vibrating. This is 3 short burst that last maybe 5-10 seconds all together.

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