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Hello. Welcome to Futurlec. The Superstore. A huge range of electronic components at the best prices. Need Help. Table of Contents Solar CellsBESTSELLERMini BoardsBESTSELLERET-ARM Stamp ModuleNEW PRODUCTLatching Touch PadSOLAR CHARGERNew Solar Charge ControllersPRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDSPCB Manufacturing Service – ** New Lower Pricing **NEW BOOKSThe TAB Book of Arduino Projects Solar […]

Hello. Welcome to Futurlec.

A huge range of electronic components at the best prices.

Need Help.

Solar Cell

Solar Cells

New sizes of Solar Cells are now available in our Solar Cell section, ideal for robots, battery charging and other solar applications.
Voltage range from 0.5V to large 18V Solar Panels. Perfect for experimentation, projects and electronic equipment. All inexpensively priced, with
prices starting from only $1.20.
arrowGreat Prices on Solar Charge Regulators also, from just $19.90.

Power Relay Mini Board


Mini Boards

We’ve added some exciting new boards to our Bestselling range of Mini Boards. These small compact boards are ideal to enhance your control system or Arduino project.
Add new functions and expand the functionality of your system, with a wide range to boards to choose from including GPS, Real-Time Clocks,
Keypads, RS232, RS422, MT8870 Decoders, SD Cards and many more. These boards start from only $1.90 and can be easily interfaced to existing systems
using standard protocols.
Goto Mini Boards


ET-ARM Stamp Module

ET-ARM Stamp Module

Our very popular ET-ARM Stamp is the ideal entry point to the world of ARM programming. Featuring a huge 128k of Flash Program Memory together with a high speed 16/32 bit processor running up to a maximum speed
of 58.9824MHz. This high-performance module is ideal for the most complex and demanding of applications, with on-board A/D Convertors, Real Time Clocks, CAN interfaces and much more.
All combined in a very compact interchangeable module at a very cost effective price,
Excellent value at only – $29.90.
Supplied with download software and examples, ideal for Embedded Applications.
Goto ET-ARM Stamp
arrowAlso available: ET-ARM Stamp Support Board

Latching Touch Pad


Latching Touch Pad

Terrific New Latching Touch Pad, this inexpensive self contained unit, allows you to add a touch pad to your project or control board.
The board utilizes the latest in Capacitive Touch Sensing Technology and incorporates a power latching relay to switch on with one touch and
then to switch off with another touch. Ideal for use as a lighting switch or for switching appliances.
Great Value at only – $4.50.
arrowAlso available AC and DC Opto-Isolated Input and Output Boards, 3.3V Regulator, Output Test Boards and much more, Goto Interface Boards


New Solar Charge Controllers

Solar Charge Controller

Great new Solar Charge Controllers for general use and lighting, suitable for 12V and 24V systems and a wide range of battery types.
These attractive looking units feature the latest in microcontroller controlled PWM charging to ensure maximum efficiency and a long battery life.
Chargers are available in 10A, 20A, 30A and 60A, Starting from only – $19.90
arrowOther new items this month, include our New Mini USB Board,
microSD Card Mini Board and Arduino Headers, for other new electronic parts visit What’s New


PCB Manufacturing Service

PCB Manufacturing Service – ** New Lower Pricing **

Futurlec’s PCB Service can deliver single sided and double sided printed circuit boards to your designs at very competitive prices. Professional finish with only quality materials used.
Silk screening and soldermask is available. Any quantity from a single pcb prototype to manufacturing runs and sizes up to 30cm x 30cm. For an online quotation and pricing, visit our
PCB Manufacturing Service.


The TAB Book of Arduino Projects

The TAB Book of Arduino Projects

Take your Arduino knowledge to the next level with some exciting new Arduino Projects.
This easy to follow and practical book provides a wide range of fun and interesting projects.
Detailed instructions are provided with an electronic components list and Arduino code together with
an approximate cost of the project. Projects include the very popular LED Cube,
a Laser Alarm, GPS Location Display, LED Matrix Clock and Much More.

Ideal for the beginner, starting with their first Arduino board or the more experienced
designer looking for new ideas and projects to build.

The TAB Book of Arduino Projects is available at a special price of only $28.90 Goto Books

arrowFor a range of other Arduino books and magazines visit Arduino Books

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