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Gene Kupfer June 28, 2018 If you regularly find yourself wondering where you can get some portable juice on the go for your smartphone, tablet or any portable device, you have to check out the mophie Powerstation Wireless External Read More » Gene Kupfer September 23, 2016 Following on their […]

Portable Power You Can Count On

Gene Kupfer June 28, 2018

If you regularly find yourself wondering where you can get some portable juice on the go for your smartphone, tablet or any portable device, you have to check out the mophie Powerstation Wireless External

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FSLogix Apps 2.6 Now Available

Gene Kupfer September 23, 2016

Following on their release of 2.5, with the new, “Office 365 Container”, last week FSLogix announced the release of their 2.6 release.  From their release blog: High Availability Subsystem High availability is a key

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FSLogix introduces container for Citrix Users with Office 365!

Gene Kupfer July 9, 2016

In this demo video, FSLogix Engineer, Dave Young, demonstrates drastic performance enhancements by comparing logon times and network utilization, between Traditional Desktops with Outlook’s Online Mode, Cached Exchange Mode, and Cached Exchange Mode with

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The Carehub – The world’s first smart product designed to give  you and your elderly family peace of mind

Gene Kupfer January 9, 2016

How frustrating is it when you can’t connect to your elderly family? Do you know when they need help or are you fully aware that they are OK and following their daily routines? The

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5 Last Minute $15 Gifts for Your Permaculture Techno-Geek

Gene Kupfer December 15, 2015

  CLICK HERE TO READ THE SOURCE ARTICLE   I am a permaculture techno-geek learning junkie. If you’re out of gift ideas, or better yet, time, what better than an online training class in

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This New App Helps You Give Sight to the Blind

Gene Kupfer December 9, 2015

“Have you ever considered volunteering to make this world a little bit better, but you didn’t have the time, or it was too complicated to squeeze into your schedule?  Well, now you can.  Now there is an app

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Making IT work:  Cached Exchange Mode in Virtual Desktops

Gene Kupfer October 15, 2015

Over the last year I’ve posted several articles about FSLogix Apps, a pretty cool product that uses a new virtualization method to fix things like multiple java versions (java redirection), allowing multiple versions of

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Elinke Lightning USB Cable

Gene Kupfer August 25, 2015

When it comes to Lightning USB Cables, there aren’t many variables to review and Elinke gets top marks across the board. Buy the Elinke Lightning USB Cable on Amazon, on sale for $7.99, including Prime shipping

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Masione Bluetooth Earbuds

Gene Kupfer August 25, 2015

We recently received a pair of these for review and after using them for a couple days, I am very impressed with these and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a wireless,

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You May Soon Be Getting Cell Service from Google’s Telecom Network

Gene Kupfer August 4, 2015

Not to be confused with Project Fi, if Google’s own network sees the light of day, it will not rely on other telecom providers, allowing Google to do more with it and offer better pricing.

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If You Have the Money They Have the Life Size Action Figures

Gene Kupfer July 30, 2015

Sideshow Collectibles doesn’t hold back any punches when it comes to collectible action figures. If you have the room and money to spend on these, you could be the talk of the town among

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Bill Nye Film Directors On Kickstarter Looking for Funding

Gene Kupfer July 26, 2015

I just stumbled on this Kickstarter project “The Bill Nye Film“, and thought I’d mention it cause I love science and this film would be great to see. I think most people are at

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Affordable Sport Bluetooth Earbuds from Jarv

Gene Kupfer July 19, 2015

I’ve been wanting to mention this little gem for a while. I used to use wired earbuds for my workouts, but they are a constant nuisance. When I started running it became even more of

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An Affordable Ferrari You Can’t Drive

Gene Kupfer July 16, 2015

…But you can wear it. Oakley added a Ferrari model to their Madman line of sunglasses and they look pretty cool. They come in a single style with a dark carbon frame color and

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Upcoming Prime Exclusive Lighting Deals

Gene Kupfer July 15, 2015

Some really cool items are coming up for lighting deals on Amazon for Prime members. Check it out. Doctor Who – The Tenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver   MultiPurpose Balaclava Barska 10×40 Blackhawk Monocular ASTRO

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