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Last Edited: 2 Aug 2019 5:43 pm You can customize your own Palico at the start of Monster Hunter World. They will follow you on hunts and attack monsters while providing support by unleashing Palico gadgets, ranging from healh-boosting vigorwasp spray to monster-stunning flash bombs.  Table of Contents Palico Gadgets[edit]Vigorwasp […]

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You can customize your own Palico at the start of Monster Hunter World. They will follow you on hunts and attack monsters while providing support by unleashing Palico gadgets, ranging from healh-boosting vigorwasp spray to monster-stunning flash bombs. 

Palico Gadgets[edit]

Palico Gadgets are items your Palico can equip that help you out on hunts! Here’s a list of every gadget and how to get them.

Vigorwasp Spray[edit]

This is the very first Palico Gadget you get in Monster Hunter World. The Vigorwasp Spray lets your Palico:

  • Deliver Vigorwasp Spray to you
  • Spawn Vigorwasp Spray stations

At Level 5, you can manually summon your Palico, and at Level 10, you can manually instruct your Palico to place a station. As your Palico’s proficiency with this Gadget raises, the amount you will heal rises as well.

Flashfly Cage[edit]

The Flashfly Cage lets your Palico spawn Flashflys when fighting large monsters.

  • At Level 5, your Palico will place shock traps
  • At Level 10, you can manually instruct your Palico to place traps


How to Get the Flashfly Cage[edit]

You will have to befriend the Bugtrapper Tribe in the Ancient Forest.

  • 1. First, you will have to find and collect the Grimalkyne’s doodles around the Ancient Forest.
  • 2. Once the gauge is filled, start a solo expedition in camp 17 and head to the Bugtrapper tribe’s camp, marked on the map below. You’ll have to swing across a few vines to get there.

It’s possible you’ll also just see a Bugtrapper after collecting all of the necessary doodles, in which case you can simply follow it back to the Grimalkyne hideout.

  • 3. Speak to the Grimalkynes and they will give you the Flashfly Cage and teach your Palico to speak to a local Small Monster.

Tailraider Monster Recruited:


The Shieldspire is a large shield your Palico can use to defend against attacks, making your Palico a sort of tank for your team.

  • At Level 6, you can command your Palico to provoke a monster.
  • At Level 10, you can command your Palico to attack with the shield, which can stun large monsters.

How to Unlock the Shieldspire[edit]

You will have to find and befriend the Protectors tribe in the Wildspire Waste to earn the Shieldspire.

  • 1. Leave on an expedition to the Wildspire Waste, and head to the Grimalkyne’s camp, marked on the map below. It’s down a hole!
  • 2. Speak to the Grimalkynes. They’ll send you on a sidequest to find three of their tribe-members around the Wildspire Waste.
  • 3. The Grimalkynes will be marked on your map, so simply mark them with R3 – your scoutflies will take you right to them! Their locations are always different, so we can’t provide a map for you for this one.
  • 4. Use the capture net (you can find it in your item menu) the capture the Grimalkynes. Using the Ghillie Mantle to sneak will be helpful.
  • 5. Once you’ve captured all three, return to the Protector’s camp and speak to them. They’ll give you the Shieldspire.

Tailraider Monster Recruited:

Coral Orchestra[edit]

The Coral Orchestra is basically a Palico-sized Hunting Horn. It grants random buffs which can be a great help on hunts! The more proficient your Palico, the more potent the buffs will be.

  • At level 6, you can command your Palico to play the horn.(Coral Cheerhorn – one random buff.)
  • At level 10, you can command your Palico to play the drum (Coral Cheerbongo – one random buff.)

How to Unlock Coral Orchestra[edit]

To get the Coral Orchestra Palico Gadget, you’ll have to befriend the Troupers Grimalkyne tribe in the Coral Highlands.

  • 1. Head to area 10, marked on the map below.
  • 2. Fight and defeat the Tailraiders.
  • 3. Follow the Grimalkyne back to their camp, which will now be marked on the map for you. Speak to the Troupers – they’ll give you a quest to slay two Tzitzi-Ya-Ku.
  • 4. Complete the quest to trigger a cutscene with the Troupers, who will give you the Coral Orchestra.

Tailraider Monster Recruited”


The Plunderblade is an especially useful Palico Gadget for when farming large monsters for materials. It lets your Palico swipe materials straight of the monster’s back, and causes more material to drop onto the ground for you to pick up.

  • At level 6, you can command your Palico to use the Plunderblade.
  • At Level 10, you can command your Palico to use the Palarang.

You should always command your Palico to use these, as it will still steal stuff on its own at the same pace.

How to Unlock the Plunderblade[edit]

This video shows you exactly what you need to do to unlock this especially useful gadget, which requires you to befriend the Plunderers of the Rotten Vale, but here’s a basic rundown:

  • 1. Make sure you have Raw Meat in your item pouch.
  • 2. Head to an expedition to the Rotten Vale and go to Area 13. The following only triggered for us when the Lynian Researcher was there, but others say his appearance isn’t necessary.
  • 3. Wait for Odogaron to drag a Legiana corpse to this area. Do not engage the Odogaron.
  • 4. A Grimalkyne should appear to inspect the Legiana corpse.
  • 5. Follow the Grimalkyne back to the Plunderer’s hideout. Drop a piece of raw meat on the ground and hide.
  • 6. Once the Grimalkyne appears with its friends, your Palico will comment it’s time to say hello. Approach and speak to the Grimalkynes.

They will give you the Plunderblade as thanks for the food.

Tailraider Monster Recruited:

This is an especially helpful Tailraider, as these monsters can paralyze foes.

Meowlotov Cocktail[edit]

The Meowlotov Cocktail lets your Palico throw bombs at monsters, much like the Gajalaka you’ll encounter on high rank quests.

How to Unlock the Meowlotov Cocktail[edit]

You’ll have to befriend the Gajalaka – NOT the Grimalkyne – in Elder’s Recess to unlcok this Gadget.

  • 1. Obtain every other Palico Gadget available.
  • 2. Speak to the Lynian Researcher near the Ecological Research Center in Astera to obtain a quest to find 10 Gajalaka doodles.
  • 3. You can find Gajalaka Doodles in every location where Gajalaka spawn, but once you’ve collected a doodle, they will not respawn. Check your map for Small Monsters to find them easily. You must collect 10 unique doodles.
  • 4.Once you have collected them all, head back to the Lynian Researcher in Astera to get unlock the next task: you’ll have to show the way to the Gajalaka for the researcher.
  • 5. Make sure you have the Ghillie Mantle equipped.
  • 6. Start an expedition to Elder’s Recess and head to where the Lynian Researcher is in area 8. Make sure it’s nighttime! If it isn’t, you’ll have to wait, or can try leaving and coming back. (We had to wait – the Monster Hunter day/night cycle is unclear.)
  • 7. Put on the Ghillie Mantle and sneak past the Gajalaka.

There, the Gajalaka will approach you and gift you the Meowlotov Cocktail Palico Gadget.

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