How to Stream Inspector Gadget (1999) Right Now

Disney Stream Inspector Gadget Now Based on the popular cartoon of the same name, Inspector Gadget is the live-action feature film that premiered in 1999, starring Matthew Broderick as Inspector Gadget, a security guard who takes on a top-secret project. The movie also features other well-known characters from the TV […]

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Stream Inspector Gadget Now

Based on the popular cartoon of the same name, Inspector Gadget is the live-action feature film that premiered in 1999, starring Matthew Broderick as Inspector Gadget, a security guard who takes on a top-secret project. The movie also features other well-known characters from the TV Show including Dr. Claw (Rupert Everett), Penny (Michelle Trachtenberg), Chief Quimby (Dabney Coleman) and three new characters: Dr. Brenda Bradford (Joely Fisher), Mayor Wilson (Cheri Oteri) and the Gadgetmobile (voiced by D. L. Hughley).

Directed by David Kellogg and written by Kerry Ehrin and Zak Penn from a story by Ehrin and Dana Olsen, Inspector Gadget aims to capture the zany aspects of the original cartoon in a real-life setting, with new contraptions and technology within a dazzling whirlwind of special effects. Premiering on July 23rd, 1999, the film was a box office success, capitalizing on fans of the original 1983 TV series and trying to appeal to those new to the show. Although Inspector Gadget amassed $134.4 million worldwide as a film for the entire family, critics gave the film poor reviews. Watch Inspector Gadget (1999) online to see this extravagant extension of the TV series.

Here’s how to stream Inspector Gadget (1999) right now:

How to Stream INSPECTOR GADGET – Exclusively on Disney+

Inspector Gadget is one of the classic Disney live-action movies that will be streaming exclusively on Disney’s new subscription streaming service, Disney+.

You can sign up for a 7-day free trial of Disney+ HERE, which will allow you to stream The Inspector Gadget and hundreds of other movies and shows on your computer, phone, tablet, smart TV or streaming device. If you extend past the free trial, the service costs $6.99/month. You may also opt for this discount bundle of Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ for $12.99/month.

  1. 1. Sign up for Disney+ here
  2. 2. Go to or download the Disney+ app on your device
  3. 3. Log in using your information
  4. 4. Search for “Inspector Gadget”
  5. 5. Start streaming

Disney+ also boasts a vast library of Disney-owned movies and series — plus several new original series coming soon. The service includes unlimited downloads so you can watch offline whenever and wherever you want. The list of compatible devices and smart TVs includes iPads, Apple TV, Amazon devices, Amazon Fire TV, Android, Chromecast, Roku, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Release Date: July 23, 1999
Creators: Kerry Ehrin and Zak Penn from a story by Ehrin and Dana Olsen
David Kellogg
Matthew Broderick, Rupert Everett, Michelle Trachtenberg, Dabney Coleman
A security guard’s dreams come true when he is selected to be transformed into a cybernetic police officer. Based on the 1983 cartoon of the same name.


The Inspector Gadget movie has a runtime of 1 hour and 18 minutes.


Based on the popular cartoon series, Inspector Gadget (Matthew Broderick) dreams of becoming the world’s greatest police officer. After a sudden accident, he gets his wish from the help of Dr. Brenda Bradford (Joely Fisher), a robotic surgeon who repairs Gadget so that he can defeat the evil Dr. Claw (Rupert Everett). With an assortment of wacky tools and gizmos – and the resourcefulness of his niece Penny (Michelle Trachtenberg), who works tirelessly to solve the more complicated intellectual problems, Gadget takes on a top-secret case: to save the World from Dr. Claw.


The star-studded cast of this 90s film includes Matthew Broderick (Ferris Bueller’s Day off, The Lion King, The Producers), Rupert Everett (My Best Friend’s Wedding), and Michelle Trachtenberg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), ensuring its box office success.


Inspector Gadget played by Broderick, lacks common sense when trying to solve simple issues, yet his heart is always in the right place. Wanting to help the police for the greater good, it’s hard for the other characters to be mad at him for his bumbling ways. Matthew Broderick is best known for the school-skipping Ferris Bueller, a career-defining role that has helped identify him to an entire generation who came to age in the 80s and 90s. He’s also a Tony-nominated Broadway actor, most notably for The Producers with Nathan Lane.


A British actor known for both stage and film in such roles in My Best Friend’s Wedding, Shakespeare in Love and Shrek, he turned the tables by playing villainous Dr. Claw in Inspector Gadget. Claw creates “Robo-Gadgets” aimed at taking control of the world. Everett had top competition for the role as Tim Curry, James Earl Jones, Willem Dafoe, Jack Nicholson, John Lithgow and Dennis Hopper were also considered.


Dr. Brenda Bradford was a new addition to the Inspector Gadget universe. Bradford works to create a lifelike robotic foot as part of the Gadget Program, an operation for robotic cops. This technology is stolen by Dr. Claw’s subordinates to use for his evil plot. When Inspector Gadget has a sudden accident, Bradford is finally able to use her technology for good, helping him become “Gadget.” Fisher is known for her roles on the TV series Ellen and ‘Til Death.


Penny has always been the real mastermind of the Inspector Gadget series and film while her uncle gave us comic relief with his miscues and outrageous contraptions. Played by Trachtenberg, known for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Harriet the Spy and Gossip Girl, the Inspector Gadget movie was her second film role at age 14.

INSPECTOR GADGET Songs and Soundtrack

The Inspector Gadget movie soundtrack includes a hit of the 90s – Smashmouth’s All Stars and“I’ll Be Your Everything” by Youngstown. Otherwise, the soundtrack was not of any particular importance at the time of release, except that it does include the classic Inspector Gadget theme also used in the original TV series.

INSPECTOR GADGET at the Box Office

Inspector Gadget made $134.4 million at the box office, making it a hit film of the summer, despite negative reviews from critics.

INSPECTOR GADGET Reviews – What the Critics Said

Inspector Gadget received mostly negative reviews by critics citing its lack of story. Most see the film as inferior to the classic TV series.

Where INSPECTOR GADGET Fits in the Disney Movie Pantheon

Although the Inspector Gadget movie and subsequent sequel in 2004 were moderate hits, the negative reviews and lack of luster the original TV series held over fans have left them mostly forgotten, until recently. There is still a demand for more Gadget, Penny and Brain (her sidekick dog). Disney has announced plans for yet another film, written by Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell of SNL.


Inspector Gadget (1999) Theatrical Trailer (RARE)2018-10-11T23:12:21.000Z

INSPECTOR GADGET Trivia: 5 Fast Facts

The beloved Inspector Gadget TV series inspired many well-known directors and actors to want to take the helm. See who almost made the cut below.

1. Spielberg Was a Fan of the Original Series

Steven Spielberg showed interest as a producer on the live-action film but he was already working on Saving Private Ryan. His top choices for Inspector Gadget? Chevy Chase and Steve Martin.

2. At One Point, Martin Scorsese Was Considered to Direct

What would a Martin Scorsese version of Inspector Gadget have looked like? The world will never know

3. Lindsay Lohan Was Considered for Penny

Lohan was filming her first movie, The Parent Trap, also for Disney, at the same time.

4. Jim Carrey, Brendan Fraser, Kevin Kline, Steve Carell, Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, and Robin Williams Were Also Considered for the Role

When the Farrelly Brothers were considered to write and direct, they wanted Jim Carrey to star as Gadget himself. Meanwhile, Steve Carell hadn’t even accepted his career-changing role as Michael Scott in The Office yet.

5. Disney is Planning a New Inspector Gadget for a New  Generation

SNL writer Streeter Seidell and performer Mikey Day are writing the script. It’s not yet clear if it will premiere on the Disney+ streaming service set to launch this year.

Stream Inspector Gadget Now

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