Instantly Move Money to All Corners of the World

Instantly Move Money to All Corners of the World | Ripple Table of Contents Global Payments Should Be EasyEverywhereReliableInstantLow CostMoneyGram harnesses RippleNet and On-Demand Liquidity to power cross-border transactions.With RippleNet, Santander launched the world’s first mobile application for cross-border payments, One Pay FX.Nium uses RippleNet to provide an easy, transparent […]

Instantly Move Money to All Corners of the World | Ripple

Global Payments Should Be Easy

Too often, global payments are costly, unreliable and slow. The underlying systems are fragmented and complex.

RippleNet offers the most advanced blockchain technology for global payments—making it easy for financial institutions to reach a trusted, growing network of 300+ providers across 40+ countries and 
six continents.

RippleNet icon - Everywhere


Expand your reach by offering more places and ways to move money

RippleNet icon - Reliable


Build trust by increasing visibility and eliminating payment failure

RippleNet icon - Instant


Provide instant payments so money arrives when customers need it

RippleNet icon - Low Cost

Low Cost

Capitalize on operational and cost efficiencies to further grow your business

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