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118 12124 Santa Monica BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90025 (424) 234-3852 Thanks so much Alex and team. Sold my old computers and they even have an old school Atari to play! From what I can tell, Recycle My Machine is the only electronics store in town that will pay you for […]


12124 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025

(424) 234-3852

Thanks so much Alex and team. Sold my old computers and they even have an old school Atari to play!

From what I can tell, Recycle My Machine is the only electronics store in town that will pay you for your e-waste. My boyfriend had a handful of old computers that he’d been meaning to get rid of, and with the start of 2019 I’d been bothering him to get rid of them (#tidyingup).

This place has weird hours and is only open on Saturday’s but we finally made it over one weekend. The place is a little difficult to find among the other storefronts but once you get inside you know that it’s techie space.

The guys said it would take about 20 minutes/computer and said we could leave while they looked at them. We had other errands to do and about an hour and a half later they gave us a call and said everything was ready.

All in all, I think they offered a fair price (in cash) for the electronics we had and made the process very simple and streamlined.

I sold my MacBook 2015 and got $200 for it and would’ve got 275 if it was in perfect condition.

If you don’t want the hassle of reselling and want cash the same day, it’s a good place, otherwise you’d get more from someone trying to buy it. ( they resell anyways at this location for profit )

Another con is Only open on Saturdays

It took only 20 minutes to get my “quote” because they don’t do it over the phone, like yelp says.

They Never reply on the website. They never respond on the calls. I Went there. They offered an insanely low price for my working laptop and camera which was in excellent condition. I found another website that buys used cameras called and they offered me $145 for it there while this place wanted to get it for $25. See the difference? This place even offered $60 for my Microsoft surface book, because they said it had an i5 processor, without even considering it was only 1 year old and in mint condition with surface pen and mouse, no scratches or anything. Maybe if you just wanna throw away something and not consider worth this is the place to trade junk for small cash instantly. But don’t be fooled people. Know your items worth.

2nd time coming to this place, first time was a smooth good transaction. Got a reasonable offer but this time around I was disappointed with their services. I got a quote through text which was set but once I brought in my laptop I got an absurdly low offer less than half from my original quote. I understand the battery was needing to be replace soon. Even still for the offer I received was absurd, I know I’m not obligated to sell it but once your there and take time out of your day you want to come to a reasonable deal. Sadly I didn’t receive that, I know my laptop was worth more than what they offered me. I needed the money so I agreed, I just wish they were more honest, fair and reasonable with their offers.

I had the best experience at Recycle My Machine. The staff was welcoming and friendly and appraised my ancient MacBook in less than 5 minutes. I was TRILLED when they told me what they would buy it for (the Apple buyback program was going to give me nothing). Overall the best experience and I would recommend this place to anyone.

I want to know why they need to scan a photo of our Drivers License and thumb print and get our signature, it doesn’t seem right. Also, after remote wiping one of my phones, why do I need to log into my icloud? I thought this was strange and the guy didn’t explain in detail why. I almost said never mind to the whole exchange but after sitting there for almost an hour, I figured I would just see it through, honestly the amount of money they offered me was not worth it, I was there a year prior and they gave me more money and didn’t ask me to sign into my icloud, now I’m paranoid about my personal information being out there. I regret the whole thing.

I don’t usually write bad reviews but had to for this one. I purchased a product from his company online and basically what he sent me was a brick after he found out that I was shipping the product directly out of the country (because I work 90% of the time out of the US and needed the item out here asap). All attempts to explain and get a refund/exchange (even offering to pay for shipping charger on my end) he denied. Guess he really needed my money. Buyer and Seller beware.

They are quick and easy to deal with. Friendly and local! If your considering selling it’d be wise to be then shout and get a quote!

Swift service. Good to drop by. Recycled my old tab. It’s worthwhile to do business with this store.

The guys are sweet and you pick up some extra cash while dumping stuff that’s just wasting space, what’s not to like?

Wonderful service! These guys are super helpful and friendly. I definitely recommend coming here to recycle your electronic equipment!

Good price for my laptop!! Professional guys and good vibes. I needed the cash and I got just enough 😉

We brought two nearly decade-old macs, a decade old vinyl record player, and a broken large speaker. We got way more than we expected, which honestly, we thought would be nothing and they would just recycle it properly for us. We dropped off our things, ran errands, and came back within an hour so they had time to check the items turn on/condition. Courteous, quick service. We’ll return with future electronics.

Expedient and convenient! A much better alternative to tossing your machines into the dump or attempting to sell them on something like craigslist. If you’re looking to get some cash back from your initial investment while keeping the environment clean and happy, this is a pretty good choice. The staff is knowledgeable and courteous. Ask for Dillon to help get you get started.

They were really helpful and gave me money for things I had thought were garbage.

They were almost apologetic when they told me my old ipad and iphone were only worth around $7, but I saw this as being payed for trash, so I was thrilled!

I will bring old electronics here again for sure, it feels emotionally much better than just throwing them out or recycling them.

They’d be happy to take it for free and fix it up and sell it, but “we buy used electronics” is a laugh. And they make you wait a half hour or more to find out that they will take it for free. K bud! sure thing bud! nah.

Offloaded old computer, laptop and heaphones for recycling. They don’t buy TVs anymore but they gave me a fair price on the speakers i brought. Definitelty recommend if you need to get rid of some electronics.

Had a great experience! Jose was very helpful and fast in doing the appraisal. Thank you!

Good place to quickly get cash for any electronics that aren’t being using anymore. I was greeted and helped by Jose and was in and out within 20 minutes. Sold a laptop that I bought about 7 years ago and got a fair price. Would recommend.

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