The Golden Age of computer user groups

Noble Horvath

Enlarge / Programmer power, indeed. (Here’s a Tufts computer group sometime in the mid to late 1970. Getty caption explicitly states, “Note equipment and 1970s fashions.”) Spencer Grant/Getty Images The Homebrew Computer Club where the Apple I got its start is deservedly famous—but it’s far from tech history’s only community […]

Age of Conan | Funcom

MORE NEWS DOUBLE EXPERIENCE 2020-03-20 EVENT START: March 20, 2020 EVENT END: March 30, 2020   There are few things you can count… Read more Free Weekend for All Things Conan 2019-09-19 Behold the untamed savagery of all things Conan!  Leap into the fray this weekend as Conan… Read more […]