Gadget | Tardis | Fandom

Gadget Gadget was an exploratory robot used by the crew of the human Mars colony, Bowie Base One, in 2059. It was created and operated by American base technician Roman Groom. Biography Edit Roman Groom created Gadget using parts from the drones which originally constructed the Bowie Base One. It […]

Platinum Gadget | Yu-Gi-Oh! | Fandom

Platinum Gadgetプラチナ・ガジェット English Platinum Gadget French Gadget Platine Check translation German Platinfarbener Apparat Check translation Italian Congegno di Platino Check translation Korean 플라티나 가제트 Check translation Portuguese Dispositivo de Platina Check translation Spanish Artilugio Platino Check translation Japanese プラチナ・ガジェット Check translation Japanese (rōmaji) Purachina Gajetto Japanese (translated) Platina Gadget Card type Monster […]