IBM doubles its quantum computer performance

Noble Horvath

IBM has doubled the performance of its quantum computers compared with last year’s model, a key step in delivering on the promise of the revolutionary machines. But it’s only an early step, and rivals are breathing down Big Blue’s neck. © Provided by CNET IBM quantum computers look nothing like […]

iPhone SE review: Small screen, huge performance

The 2020 iPhone SE. Samuel Axon It has a glass back like all current iPhones. Samuel Axon The bezels are large by today’s standards, and it’s still very reflective—but look, I could reach the whole screen with one thumb if I wanted! Samuel Axon It still uses Lightning rather than […]

Website Performance and Availability Monitoring

UPTIME MONITORING PAGE SPEED MONITORING TRANSACTION MONITORING ALERTING REAL USER MONITORING (RUM) SERVER MONITOR ALL FEATURES UPTIME MONITORING Test your web application’s availability from all over the world Instant alerts 100+ test locations Root cause analysis Public status pages Knowing your website is available and accessible to visitors is critical […]

Computer’s Performance

Computer’s Performance What affects a computers performance Overall, the performance of a computer is dependant on how well it works together as a whole. Continually upgrading one part of the computer while leaving outdated parts installed will not improve performance much, if at all. Below, we discuss some of the […]