A Simple Explanation Of ‘The Internet Of Things’

The “Internet of things” (IoT) is becoming an increasingly growing topic of conversation both in the workplace and outside of it. It’s a concept that not only has the potential to impact how we live but also how we work. But what exactly is the “Internet of things” and what […]

ueno/libusb-gadget: Simple wrapper library to access Linux USB GadgetFS

* What’s this? libusb-gadget is a simple wrapper around Linux USB GadgetFS[1], which enables USB target development in userspace. It allows developers to write a trivial gadget in ~200 lines, while the original GadgetFS example[2] is ~1700 lines. * Requirements – linux 2.6.XX * Quick start I assume that you […]

Eclipse IoT Working Group | IoT development made simple

No company can realize the IoT on its own… Within the Eclipse Community, through the contribution of many IoT developers, tools and standards are created on an open platform that many companies can benefit from for their IoT applications. Stefan Ferber / CEO, Bosch Software Innovations Eclipse IoT is the […]

Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A Wikipedia gadget is a JavaScript user script that can be enabled simply by checking an option in your Wikipedia settings. Installed gadgets are also listed on Special:Gadgets. Installed gadgets[change source] Here is a list of some of the gadgets that are installed on Simple English Wikipedia. Browsing[change source] Gadgets […]

MLA Format & MLA Citations Made Simple For You

What you’ll find in this guide This page provides an in-depth overview of MLA format. It includes information related to MLA citations, plagiarism, proper formatting for in-text and regular citations, and examples of citations for many different types of sources. Looking for APA? Check out Citation Machine’s guide on APA […]