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ROBOTICS Time to produce sales quotes cut from 8 days to 1 INDUSTRIAL POWER Five minutes to generate a complete budget offer with pricing MEDICAL EQUIPMENT Sales up 46%, sales of standard products up 294% HEAVY EQUIPMENT Routine design tasks automated with 3D CAD integration FOOD PACKAGING Guided sales provide […]

Quote the Best Solution for Your Customers

Generating quotes isn’t easy for manufacturers of complex products. Customers are confused by the number of choices. New sales reps take months or years to come up to speed with your products. Quotes take too long and tie up engineering resources.

No matter how many products or how complex, our enterprise-level solutions guide your sales reps and customers to the right products and streamline the entire configure, price and quote (CPQ) process. And that means shorter sales cycles, higher win rates and more satisfied customers.


End-to-End Solutions

Seamless integration with Salesforce

We offer a CPQ solution for Salesforce built directly on the Salesforce1 platform to seamlessly extend your existing Salesforce data, workflow and security management.

Your sales team will feel right at home as they continue working with the interface they are already familiar with to configure and produce high-quality sales quotes including technical documentation, 3-D drawings, pricing and bills of materials.


Technicon solutions dramatically improve sales and margins for manufacturers of complex products.

  • Translate customer needs into optimal products, services and pricing
  • Empower your sales staff and customers to specify your products without expert help
  • Generate winning proposals with hierarchical BOMs, renderings, drawings and specifications
  • Produce 3D models, supply CNC programming and drive 3D printers
  • Convert lengthy rules from legacy systems into easily-managed constraints
  • Enable domain experts to create and maintain their own product data

Technicon Teams with Tacton

Technicon teams with Tacton, the global leader in CPQ and design automation solutions, to streamline the configuration and sales process for manufacturers in North America.

With over 50 years combined company experience, Technicon and Tacton bring the resources and real-world proven solutions to make you the manufacturer your customers and distributors want to work with.

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